Wednesday September 12th 2018

Yesterday was the sad anniversary of the 2001 Twin Towers terrorist plot that killed 3,000 Americans and some Canadians. - Although the passage of time helps to heal all grief and sorrow. - Let me mention this  >>

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I never met John Ross, but of course know his Father very well. - In fact his Dad, Doug and myself share the same birth date along with the more famous Stevie Baker -   - We all know that Motorcycle racing is dangerous - we have likely all lost friends who chose this sport, but consider this - today would have been the birthday of Super Star Barry Sheene - who lived life to the fullest - birds & booze - plus always the cigarettes, - in fact it was those that killed him,  -  he survived  a horrific crash at Daytona that  broke about every bone in his body.

One thing that a few of our newer readers might not know, is that Barry started his road racing career, on a Bultaco - ( Tuned by Bill Webster)  - plus Barry knew how to ride a Trials bike -   Yes, -  Bultaco were into all aspects of sport back then.  - So today we remember #7

Tonight we see the other sad report that they have found the plane crash site near Revelstoke from 2017, when the young couple from Edmonton went missing on a flight out of Penticton. - They were so close to the Hiway, that you can only surmise that the pilot was trying to land on that after experiencing engine trouble - what an unlucky way to end.

Just in case you think you have done everything in Motorcycling - Check this out  - a group from Ontario, doing a tour of  Iceland ( Kelly Irwin just got her ankle out of a cast)
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