Friday September 14th 2018

Image may contain: 5 people, including Bernard Schreiber, Yrjö Vesterinen and John Lampkin, people smiling, text and outdoor

This is a nice pic of the Lampkin family, with Bernie Schreiber, Yrjo Vesterinen and Manual Soler, at the Charity Trial in the UK  - The story is in the latest issue of Trial Mag: UK Classic Edition.

With Classic Trials events hitting an all time high, with huge entrees, it would be interesting to hear, what these Past Masters, think of the modern Trials Circus.
We have also managed to donate quite a lot of money to the Cancer fund, from our Outlaw Trials in the Okanagan - a very worthy cause.

The big story this morning is the weather, and in particular the Hurricane that is causing havoc on the  US East Coast. - the images on the early morning TV coverage are frightening.  - It appears that Natural disasters are now a regular thing - but at least the rain that we have, plus snow in some parts of Northern BC and Alberta, will put out the Forest Fires.


The Vernon Club have the kids event happening this weekend - head up Noble Canyon to the start - Olivier stopped by yesterday with his two youngsters - both now super keen on the little mini bikes. - He plans on bringing them to the Malakwa Trial in a couple of weeks, so we will be adding a special kids class.


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