Sunday September 16th 2018

Saturday was a fairly quiet day - I watched the qualifying live video from the World Round, which was held under lights at night, for the first time ever. - Although I’m not sure where this theme is all going - I have to say that it was quite exciting to watch as the riders battled against the clock, for top starting positions today. - Simply put, the fastest rider in each class, gets to start last, which may be an advantage - but only if it doesn’t rain and mud gets dragged onto the huge boulders in the sections.

Not sure what the riders think of this new qualifying format, but it certainly seems popular with the paying spectators ( see video posted late yesterday on my blog)
Tony Bou was once again the top dog in the GP Class, but Adam Raga scored a five, which had him starting pretty much at the front of the pack. - However on checking the first lap scores, today,  this doesn’t seem to have effected him much ( see below) - although he did get three “5’s” - on the other hand - Cabestany was second fastest in the qualifying so he started 2nd to last - but still got punched five “5’s” -  As usual it would appear that the scoring by the checkers, on some sections, will be questioned. -
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One early result - shows young Billy Green from the UK, winning the 125cc World Championship for Beta.

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Update:  Looks like Bou won - subject to official results coming later.

And here we are >>

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