Tuesday October 2nd 2018

Check out this clip to start your two wheeled Tuesday !!
This is to me a perfect Trials photo - a son chasing his father across the Scottish Moors in a Twin Shock Trial -  in front is Trials Guru - Big John Moffat. -followed by his son -   John loves Bultacos, Honda’s and old British AJS and Matchless machines. - He also does all the live interviews at the Scottish every year ( And he has an Outlaw Toolbelt)
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Doug Doel of Calgary, posted a pic of himself doing a splatter down in Washington State some place, both Gord Rinke and Doug went down to a Trial over the weekend, and as reported earlier Gord had a mishap, and wrecked his knee.
It would be nice to see these fine riders at some BC events in 2019 - Doug’s brother Steve, was a regular at our Okanagan Trials a few years ago, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve known the family for many years.
including Richard, their Dad, who was also a good competitor in Alberta Trials, back in the day.
I had a conversation with a well known Rider yesterday, about the State of Trials in Canada, and exactly where we are headed. - It was interesting that we had similar ideas about the different classes, especially the Expert Class. -  If you read  my blog yesterday, you will have seen the post from the UK as to the status over there, and while we would be over the moon to get 11 Experts - the fact is that the sport has become so difficult at the top level, that few riders want to sign up,  perhaps an indication of how the sport has split into different categories -
While I’m sure the top five or six  riders in Canada will say No No No - keep the big splats and difficult shit -
I can tell you this - there is no future for Trials in Canada, if we don’t monitor what organizers and promoters are doing with some healthy guide lines, on the degree of difficulty.
- As I see it, we now have two separate sports - The World Trials Hop & Bop, and the Old fashioned club events that feature a long loop with natural sections.
A few years ago, Steve Fracy and myself talked about this, monitoring the events by an elected official of the CTRA - ( Steve’s brain child)  - It was a good idea back then, and it’s a good idea now. (IMHO)
Looking back at the weekend at Malakwa, -  Sammy did a good job on the set up, and you can’t beat   having the sign up and awards in the big CKMP building - we hope that next year is even better. ( The girls do the results sheets so great - I should have taken a pic)
As some folk may have noticed, the big signs that Sam put up off the hiway  - were missing on Sunday - we are not sure who removed them - maybe somebody stole them - but in my opinion it was more likely some ill informed and pissed off local, who doesn’t like anything other than a peddle bike.
This is a frustrating and quite common issue we have  had -  and really there is nothing we can do about it - we had the same thing happen at Scotch Creek - The fact is that some people do not know about our very quiet sport - so the more info: we can get in local newspapers etc - is good -
Many years ago, my buddy Barry Van As   and myself talked about trying to show off Trials bikes at local schools - which we never did - but isn’t that a great idea for somebody to do, -  now we have the little electric bikes?
Take a look at this pic - it’s at about 8,000 feet - so next time you think you have done well scaling mountains on your Trials bike, remember that there are some supermen that do it on huge heavy BMW’s
and no they didn’t go up a fire road !! If you ever get the chance to meet Pat Horan - just remember that he is one of the best Off Road riders in Canada.
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