Wednesday October 3rd 2018

Without a doubt, one of the high-lights of our Trial at Malakwa, was having these four youngsters show up with their parents - they all wanted to ride, but only had one bike !! - The problem was solved, when Roger Tessier took them under his wing ( Mother Goose) and together with the parents, got them around the loop, with them all sharing the little Oset. This was their first ever time at a Trial, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. ( They had to change the batteries half way round)
We should have taken a pic of them at the Trophy Presentation when they all got a medal !!! What a great day for everyone. ( Thanks Roger and to Shelly for taking this nice pic out on the trail)
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A couple of  video’s for Wednesday viewing>>>
Trial des Nations 2018 Sokolov, Part 2

Isle of Man TT



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While  I haven’t totaled up all the scores for  the WTC National Series - I can tell you that the the following riders pick up the #1 plates for 2018  -  Expert #1 Plate  goes to Stan Bakgaard - with 51 points - Sean Bird had 30 points for the win at Malakwa, and Sam had 25, as did Kolten Morrisson for his 2nd place at Revy.

In the Advanced Class - Shane Bridden collected 55 points to take the #1 plate, and in the Senior Advanced Ross Rathbone also had a total of 55 points to clinch his #1 plate - Mark ONeill takes the Intermediate with 55 points and  Roger Tessier beat out Martin Lucas on cleans to take the #1 Junior - Odin Christakus wins the Sportsman class on the tie break with Richard Ouelett

Well done to all our winners, as the saying goes, if you want to win Championships, you have to compete in all the rounds. and Congratulations to all the riders who attended the two events. Plus a BIG Thanks to the Clerks of the courses - Florian Schott in Revelstoke, and Sam King, at Malakwa.
I will work out the other positions sometime this week and mail off the nice #1 plates supplied by WEC Head Office.


We have received a number of emails regarding our blog on the “Degree of Difficulty”  - All were in agreement that the sections at some events seem to be getting out of hand. (These came from Victoria. Vancouver and the Interior)

I started to think of all the riders who haven’t showed at any of our events this year -  Jason Munns, Ricky Styles, Matt from Cherryville, Rich Forsey, Dale Wellburn, and the list goes on  - now these are only from the OK Valley, and although I know why some of them have not been out, I wonder if there is another reason? -  - A few years ago, they used to get 90 riders out at a Trial in Ioco, now they are lucky to get 50 -  while our Outlaw Trial in Summerland could always bring in about 60. - now we get about 40 -  So what happened ?

If anybody has some earth shaking reason for this down trend - please let me know

The one region that is “Bucking the Trend” -  is Eastern Canada, and Quebec, where the events are set up more like the old English Trials with the sections more moderate. - Plus they really encourage the family camp outs.  - This is also happening in the Maritimes where Trials has been almost non- existent - Joe Treen did a lot to promote the sport and there are others who are now stepping up to the plate.
The amazing thing that I hear from the Enduro crowd, is that ” Wow!” Trials is really growing eh?  - But sadly this perception is only because some Enduro guys buy a Trials bike so they can learn how to ride, like Graeme Jarvis - they never come out to a Trials event, plus they usually pick up a used one for 2-3 grand or less.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that people that I sell Trials bikes to, are scared to death of coming to an event, because they have watched the videos and think that is what Club Trials are all about. They are afraid of looking foolish or hurting themselves. - ( And I don’t think this is just in our area)

Without a doubt, Trials riding, is the cheapest sport to get into, and once a person gets involved, with the camp fire scene, and learns that this is really a lot of fun - then things change.

As most people know - I am on call at anytime to take people out and show them the ropes - at my age there is no way they can be embarrassed. - ( They might need to have a lot of breaks on the loop as I get worn out- maybe revive me !!)


Mike Seto posted this pic, saying he was stuck for 4 hours on the #1 Hiway West of Calgary - he shut off the motor, but left the lights on, which killed the battery !! - luckily some Chinese Tourists stopped to give him a boost !!! - Mikey really does seem to get himself into some tricky situations.
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Although it’s only Wednesday, I’m looking ahead to the weekend and would like to do a ride at Summerland - maybe visit Pete’s Memorial  - call me if you want to come.


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