Thursday October 11th 2018

Came across this old pic from 2015 - it was at the Ymir Trial and shows me with old friends Paddy Horan and Caroline Steveson - both out for a visit riding BMW’s.


How about this “Blast from the past”  Jamie McGregor found this of Steve Day’s Mum & Dad, pictured with a young Stan Bakgaard at a 1983 Calgary Trial.

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The pic above, shows me on the 2008 Sherco 320 4T - a big brute of a machine, with tons of power - I was test riding it at a place near Blind Bay  with Marcus Buhrig - neat practice spot  long creek section- I posted this video clip,  on FB - especially for Big John Moffat, because he has one of these in his collection in Scotland.

- Not being very computer clever, I wasn’t able to transfer the clip to the blog - but I can forward to anybody who wants to hear the “Rasp” of the big four stroke. - Sherco brought this out in 2005 and I bought the first one from Mountain MC - it turned out to be a bit of a disaster with big starting problems and many other issues,

- I eventually sold it, to a guy who stopped by and said he liked it - I told him - if you can start it, I will give you a super deal - guess what - It fired up first kick - the first and likely the last time it ever did this.
Jimmy Corkle and myself spent about three months trying to sort it out, eventually sending our findings to Andreu Codina at the Factory - he thanked us for this - and the later model which I’m riding was improved, but still had design problems. - Sales were poor and it eventually went the way of the “Do Do” bird.

However, Albert Cabestany had some success on one -  as did Graeme Jarvis who won the Scottish  ( but boy did he look tired after man-handling the beast through the Highlands for Six days)

I sold one to Pete Brown ( who said he liked the Four- strokes - because he had a TL 125 special back in the day) - -This proved to be a big mistake, as Pete could never get onto the clutch technique, and would stall the bike, topple over, then I would wear myself out trying to restart it for him . - We eventually sold it to Randy, who owns the Summerland Gravel Pit - but I don’t think he ever rides it.


Here’s a pic for “Throw-back”  Thursday   it shows Angel Garcia ( later killed in a car crash) Jordi Tarres and Marc Colomer - The Spanish Team.- The date is probably around 1993 at the TDN
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