Friday October 12th 2018

Tomorrow is the Famous “Scott” Trial - held over the Yorkshire moors for the past 100 years. It’s rated as the toughest one day Trial in the World, and is a combination of Time and Observation.

So who will win this year? - Will it be Dougie Lampkin again?  - maybe, but my money is on James Dabill - the Beta is the choice of many for this event, as they are strong and reliable.  -

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I’m not sure who wrote this - but it’s reasonably accurate, just a couple of hiccups. Image may contain: one or more people and text

So anybody that has seen the post about me on FB regarding the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - will now know that I was the first guy to flip a TY250 over backwards ( It was supposed to be a secret) - This happened in the Fall of 1973, when I was at the Richmond branch of Yamaha Motor Canada.  - I was chatting to the lads in the service shop, and they showed me the first pre-production TY that they had for testing, and knowing my background, suggested I try it out in the parking lot.

As it happened often in Vancouver, it was raining, but being pretty excited about giving the new Japanese bike a go. - I was given a set of coveralls to cover my dress pants and off I went - everybody was glued to the window as I putt-putted   around the yard and grassy area, before heading around the back of the building - lots of space here, so I gave it a big handful of throttle, just as I was used to doing on my Bultaco Sherpa T 325,- and it spat me off the back like right now,- leaving me on my backside, while the bike skidded across the paved lot. - jumping up quickly, I immediately looked at the rear of the building, but to my relief, there were no windows. !!  - Also luckily - this bike had already got some scratches on it put on by the service guys.
A minute later I was back  around to the service department, telling the guys how great it was, before visiting the washroom to take off the wet coveralls, and put a band aid on my right elbow >>

Fortunately, I was able to redeem myself when I got my production bike, by winning the first Trial in Alberta and a few more after that - but I did almost total that Yamaha in a Cross Country race at Elkford. - However, that’s another story.


Yesterday I mailed off all the WTC #1 plates to the various winners - except on going over the results - I realized that we missed the fact that we did have a winner in the Ladies Class - Brittany Fournier took 2nd place in the Junior at that very wet Round #1 at Revy - so she rightfully deserves to receive the #1 Plate

I have notified Britta, and she will pick this up next time she is in Town.


As I’ve mentioned before, some of the Classic bikes being built for Trials in Europe, are “State of the Art” take a look at this TY prepared for Mick to ride. - I would love to own something like that.

Anybody got an old TY for sale?

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