Thursday October 25th 2018

Chris Hrabb posted this neat pic a few days ago, from Stateside, where he was on a big bike ride with some friends. - Quite a lot of Off Road riders, like to visit Moab and places like that during the winter months.

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Looking ahead to the weekend, the Moto GP Teams are in OZ - Marquez has already wrapped up the 2018 Championship - but the runner up spot is still up for grabs. - Jorge Lorenzo is done for the year, having just had surgery on his ankle. - Another rider recuperating  after surgery on his elbow, is Adam Raga - he hopes to be fully fit, before the start of the Indoor Trials series.


Yesterday, I managed to get some parts shipped off to Alberta, hopefully before the Postal workers went on Strike. - I was a bit surprised on Monday, when shipping off some Opti via Greyhound, to find that this service has now been discontinued, leaving us with just Purolator or Ace Courier.  - The cost of shipping these days has increased dramatically, but we do our best to keep prices as low as possible


The new 2019 Beta Evo shipment, was delayed a few days, because of the big storms on the East Coast, but we should have the first models available pretty quick, always an interesting time to check out what small changes have been made.

We are also expecting to have the new TRS X track available sometime in November - maybe we will get lucky and be able to show off the new bikes from both brands at the  Brown Memorial Trial on November 10/11.  - Supplies will be limited on all these early shipments, so if you are interested, better give us a call.

I wonder how many of the young riders of today, have seen the movie “On Any Sunday”  - this epic film by Bruce Brown, awakened a whole new generation, to the joys of Motorcycling. - I’m pretty sure that I have this in my video collection some place. - There are so many great sequences in this movie, but I especially liked the segment on Trials - “The Violin Section of Motorcycle Sport”

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I wonder how many of our readers have visited the Sammy Miller museum in the UK ?  -

Sammy is still very active on a daily basis, even though he must now be about 86 years old - his collection of racing motorcycles is perhaps the best in the World, plus of course, he has a rich history in Trials, having been British Trials Champion many times ( I have his Book someplace)  He was the man responsible for the Bultaco Sherpa T in 1965, which changed the sport completely, then later developed the Honda Trials bike.


Here is your video for today Enjoy.


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