Saturday October 27th 2018

It’s only a couple of week’s down the road - The Brown Memorial Trial - November 11th weekend - A time to remember Pete and Ady

- plus all who sacrificed everything in World Wars and other conflicts around the Globe. -

We hope that all of our Trials friends will join us at the Ross Rathbone Ranch on this weekend - maybe one last chance to get together around the Camp fire this year.

For those people that didn’t know either Pete or Ady - I would like to mention this - Adrian Brown arrived in the Okanagan in 1987 and showed up at our very first Outlaw Trial, which was held at East Kelowna - I recall this very well, as we all wondered how this new guy from the UK, mounted on a TY 250, would perform.

I regret that I don’t have the results at hand - but I do know, we had a great Vintage Trial on the Saturday, with guys from Alberta - and Vancouver. - ( I think Bob Clark won on an Ossa) -

The Sunday Trial was also very well attended, and Ady did just fine, but not as good as he expected. - We chatted about this later, as we became good friends, and practiced lots with our group in the Kelowna area.-

Ady had a tremendous sense of humor  - a big thirst for beer, and a red complexion. - But more than that, he had a lot of Talent, and soon became one of our top Experts. -

I remember one time, when he was building my new workshop in Vernon, and the weather wasn’t great, and it was late in the afternoon, I suggested we leave it and have a beer, but Ady said “Can’t waste a day Dave”

How often I have repeated those words to myself and others. “Don’t waste a day”

Ady would show up at my place in Vernon late in the afternoon in late Fall or late winter - and talk me into going “Up on the Hill” - because he didn’t want to waste a day. - We would flail around in the snow on all our old  loops - which were not easy even in the summer time.

I remember one time in the summer, we were trying to find a “Connector” trail from the old Girl Guides Camp   in Vernon over to our regular riding area  - up above Hartnell road - - We found this very old overgrown cut-line and it looked promising, so we forged ahead with me in front - then at one point - the trail was blocked by willows, and pushing through, with my head down - I noticed some fresh Bear sign ( it was steaming) -  At this point I could not see a thing - branches all around me, trying to look ahead - then I hear Ady ‘ What’s the bloody Hold up Dive (his Cockney accent) - - So I said - I think it’s time you took the lead !!

In 1996 I sold Ady a Gas Gas and we had the National Trial at Summerland that year - After getting all the riders away - I was riding down the trail towards the first Expert sections, when I hear Ady screaming “DIVE” - Turned out the first part of the section had turned into a big water hole ( never before and never since) but Ady had drowned out the Gasser. - - Now under normal circumstances, this might not have been a big deal - but that year Gas Gas required that you take out 26 small screws to remove the air filter.!!

Yes - Ady was soon on a Beta.

Ady moved to Vancouver for a while, and had a couple marriages that didn’t work out - then on a Vacation to his native London UK - he found out he had cancer. - I can still remember his phone call ! - After an operation, they said he would be OK, but he elected to stay in the UK and joined the Bognor Club ( on the South Coast) where he continued to ride Trials.

Ady did come back to Canada one last time - he had his son with him -  I remember him telling me how  good the Beta Techno 200 was ( Only made for John Lampkin in the UK at that time) - He said - (and Ady was a big lad) - that it would pull him through anything.

I must confess that I found this hard to believe, but at that time it didn’t matter anyway. - Ady went back to England and communications dried up for a while - then I heard from his buddy, who said Ady was now in a wheelchair with an auto injected morphine to his spine.  But he got out fishing on the local Canal.

Ady was just 51 when he died - his buddies from the local club rode their trials bikes behind the hearse to the graveside.

Later his Mum & Dad sent out the Plaque that we have to remember Ady -  They hold a similar Trial in the UK - Yes he was a great guy - lost too soon. - I hope that everyone that remembers Ady - will show up at this event.
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Tomorrow Sunday - we will talk about Pete.

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