Sunday October 28th 2018

Today we are remembering our buddy Pete  Brown, who we lost to cancer a couple of years ago. -

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I think I first met Pete back in 2003  - - when he came to one of our Outlaw Trials at Summerland - He had moved there with his wife Carol, and although he had been away from Trials for quite a few years, he had a rich History in the sport, from when he lived in Vancouver.

We became good friends,  he bought a Sherco from me, and  became my main team-mate in setting up the Outlaw.  - It was during these years, than I learned more about Pete, we would often sit on the side of a hillside while taking a break, and he would tell me stories from his times riding at Ioco - A time when he got to know the Clarks - who were young guys just starting out.

Pete also traveled with me to other events all over BC and Alberta, at which time we would swap stories from his Vancouver days, - I’m pretty sure that he would have been at some of our Yamaha Canada “After Show” parties with his buddy Jack Franks - who although he was a Honda dealer in Port Moody - his shop was next door to Gordy Aulenback’s Yamaha dealership, and they were good buddies.

Pete never did get back into competition after the 70’s - He bought a Fish Camp on the West Coast of Vancouver Island - and was very successful.

Because he once had a 125cc TL Honda, bored out to 150 by the Honda Importers- at that time Clark Simkins - Pete always liked the 4 stroke, and decided to buy a Sherco 320 from me ( Against my advice by the way)

This proved to be a disaster, as Pete ( like most other people) had difficulty started the big brute - plus he never did get onto the new riding style of using the clutch. - Our days doing set up for Trials, now became a chore, as Pete would fall over, and then the bike was much harder to start when it was hot. In fact I think it’s fair to say that we both got totally worn out  most of our days on the Mountain.- It was a very Frustrating time.
Luckily, We managed to sell the Sherco, to Randy who owns the Gravel Pit at Summerland - and we got Pete into a 2010  Beta Evo 300 - this model was lower compression than the later bikes, and although Pete still struggled a bit - things improved.

One day we were on our way back to the trucks after a day doing set up - and our route brought us back down the gully towards the top campground at Summerland. - Now at the end of this we had a couple of good sections, and being in front - I elected to ride up the Intermediate line on one of these which was a climb up a hill with a root and rocks at the top. - Now I should mention that we always had about 20-30 lbs of tape & gear etc stuffed in our backpacks.  ( Plus we were tired)
At the top of the section, I walked back to where I was going to yell at Pete to just go straight down the trail into camp, - but I was too late - Pete was already coming up the climb. At first I thought he was going to make it. - but not getting it right at the big root - he put his foot on a large rock to keep his balance - but then he slipped - the front wheel came up - Pete went out the back door, and the Beta looped back over his head with the throttle wide open.

As most people involved in the sport know - things happen very quickly and Pete went tumbling arse over tea kettle back down through the bushes at the side of the section - the Beta now  upside down screaming  flat out. - Then it stopped !!

Running back down the slope I got to Pete who said  -  Holy - shit - I’ve cut my arm - and indeed he had  and it was bad. - I was in a panic, but Pete said get some of that ass wipe out of my back pack ( which had come off when he fell)  and together we proceeded to tie this onto the wound with flagging tape.

Having stopped the bleeding - We then managed to get the Beta right side up - which was not easy, as it was wedged into some trees. - But of course it had seized ( no tether switches back then)

Racing back to the parking spot by the gravel pit gate - I jumped in my van and drove back to the camp area, and we got the bikes loaded, before heading back to  Pete’s truck . - By this time, he said he thought he could drive, but phoned Carol to meet us. - Pete went off to Hospital, where he had 33 stitches and 27 staples put in his arm.

I drove back to Vernon - still in my riding gear, ( something I never do) - but not far from home, I decided to stop by the local beer & wine store to pick up a six pack. ( It was a very hot day)

When I was standing at the counter - the young lady kept staring at me, which was odd - until I realized that I was covered in blood.  - Don’t worry I said - “It’s not mine”.

Peter Brown, was a tough guy - and was out the next week at the Trial, although his bike wasn’t fixed for a couple of weeks. - To say that I miss Pete would be an understatement - RIP buddy.


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