Wednesday October 31st 2018

I saw this pic posted and the caption sort of struck a cord - for many people that buy a motorcycle, it’s just something they do when they are young  -  a way to express themselves - some try competition, find it’s not for them, and go on to other things.

Then there is the Motorcycle addict - the person that starts at a young age, and eats, sleeps, bikes for a lifetime ( Yes I tend to fall into the latter category)

The bike in this pic is a Vincent Black Shadow - the first motorcycle to boast a Cantilever type rear suspension. - These models are worth a fortune these days.
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This morning I go to the dentist - something that nobody looks forward to - especially as it’s always a big financial “hit”


The weather in the OK Valley continues to be fantastic - typical Fall type days, with a bit of morning fog, clearing later with bright sunshine. - There are lots of days when I wish that I could be out riding but I find it a bit of an effort to get motivated these days, and really there aren’t any other old codgers in the Vernon area, that ride Trials. ( Most just seem to hang out at the A&W)

As we look ahead to the weekend - I see that the big Dirt Bike Show is on in the UK, plus I think the one in Milan also starts this weekend. - Jordi posted a pic of his nice looking display.


More news as it happens >>  And yes it’s Halloween, so if you are out driving tonight - watch out for those little elves & Goblins.

This pic is from 8 years ago - A Halloween ride with Barry & Pete - up on Bear Ridge - It was a wonderful day to be out sailing or riding.

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