Friday November 23rd 2018

Here are some comments from Lane ( One of the best ever riders from the USA) - He is referringĀ  to the recent Costa Brava Classic Trial, and the state of the sport as we have it today.
Lane Leavitt What was fun for me, was Seeing Dougie on his dad’s motorcycle, what an incredible heritage, and how it honors Martin Lampkin, a giant of the sport. It was also amazing to see some of the younger riders with the more modern riding techniques used on the classic motorcycles we rode. I really like that, it makes me think, why didn’t I do that back in the day?This blending of cultures, techniques, and generations had a real healing effect for me on many levels. The pressures we all faced as professional riders honestly took a toll and all the fun out of riding, but it did not crush the passion we had deep inside for Trials. This is an incredible sport and the brands are legendary, and so are the men who designed and built those historic machines. We honor them when we still ride them today because they still bring us joy, which is why men like Sr. Bulto built them in the first place, to capture the joy of “Dynamic Balance”.That passion is driven by Brand, as Bernie said, but also by the Legendary riders who have graced the sport. Both riders and machines as Bernard Schreiber stated are what built our sport, and why we all started riding, and still do.

Seeing some of the young riders doing things on those old bikes, you have to wonder. Maybe that kid would have been a champion if he had been born 40 years earlier?

Events like this, are like a living history of Trials! Each individual riding or spectating have their passions for the sport, “Fueled” by any event done right, and this combination of passion and sport has been nailed for sure with this event. Perhaps that’s the Magic?

Finding that magical tradition, of ceremony, pageantry, history, and fueling all those passions of imagination, perhaps this is the path forward?

Why Vintage Trials appeals to me, is that it’s part bike show and part competition. Then when someone legendary is also in attendance, it just puts the icing on the cake.

It’s a triangle, of Passion and honoring historic machines and their preservation, honoring historic figures of the past, with a mixing of young riders which is awesome and recreating the atmosphere that made the machines and historic riders inspirational. I was not there, but it sure looks like an event I would like to attend someday, either as a rider or spectator.


Meanwhile David Chambers is down under in OZ on a Motorcycle Adventure - bet he didn’t expect this !!!!

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