Tuesday November 27th 2018

Here is a pic of Steve Saunders competing in a sidecar Trial for the first time - his son is in the “chair”  - no he didn’t win, but might be tempted to do more of this.  ( Pic by Tom Ford)
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Check out this action >>>
FIM Speedway Grand Prix


The Jordi Tarres - TRS Factory is in full swing, cranking out the 2019 models - everything looks to be on target for the new year ahead.  ( This shot courtesy Jitsie)


At the HOF in Vancouver, I spoke about how I came to be in the Motorcycle Industry - It was 1973, and I was having a coffee with Bruce Cameron, the owner of Blackfoot Motorcycle in Calgary. - Bruce was a great guy, a Scotsman, with a wonderful sense of humor,  who died too young of a heart attack, - he sponsored me on a Montesa for a short time, but the bike never suited my riding style.

Bruce suggested I contact Trev Deely in Vancouver, as the Yamaha Factory had just opened a plant in Canada.  - This I did, and a few short weeks later, I was working for Yamaha Motor Canada. - Many people thought I was crazy ( including my wife) as I had been in the Printing Industry since age 15. - But as I mentioned to the audience in Vancouver - that was the best decision I ever made, and the ten years I spent with the company, had me not only traveling all over the Country, but also meeting so many great people.

In the 1970’s - Yamaha were involved in Motorcycle Sport big time - all aspects, from Trials to MX, road racing and later Cross Country racing. - Working for them at this time was like “Living the Dream”  - but like all dreams - they only last so long - then you wake up.  However, I still have many vivid memories from this time, and also many friends from this era.

Here is a pic from the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - I’m pointing to my name on this large plaque - Interesting that they chose to put the old Trials pic at the bottom - this was taken in 1985 at the Kelowna  Trials demo put on by Stan Bakgaard - (I’m kneeling in front of the Team)

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Yes there is snow up on Vernon Mountain - but this hasn’t stopped some of our local lads from getting out to enjoy the winter wonderland.  When I was a bit younger, we were always out in all weathers either on a Trials bike or Cross Country bike.

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