Thursday November 29th 2018

Well my visit to the dentist yesterday turned out to be short and painless - After checking my mouth after the recent surgery - it appears that things are not healing properly, and it has to be redone. - Certainly not the news I was expecting, as this saga drags on into the Christmas season.

Roger Boothroyd sent us this great pic from the VMC archives - the twin-port CZ was quite popular in the late 60’s early 70’s - Martin Spriggs is still very active and living on Vancouver Island - He was always a top Trials rider as well as MX. - The other bike in the photo looks like an Ossa Stilletto ( Pic by Roger Boothroyd)
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As we have mentioned more than once, the Classic Trials scene in Europe, is huge, with enthusiasts spending a ton of money updating their old bikes. - Here is a fine example of a 240 Fantic.
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Here are a couple of video clips for today. - The first one is about the growing number of ladies now involved in Trials riding.

# fimwomeninmotorcycling

This second one is for all the Spitfire enthusiasts.

# WWll


We have another large order of Wulf gear arriving next week - just in time for Christmas, but you need to order soon if you need stuff shipped out.


Breaking News - Malcolm Rathmell has just signed the Peace brothers to ride Sherco for 2019  - They were previously on Gas Gas.   - So will there be any more changes for next season ? your guess is as good as mine. - but there are certainly a number of good young lads from the UK climbing the Trials ladder. - Perhaps the one to watch will be Toby Martyn, who jumped ship from Montesa to Beta for 2019. Plus one of the young Stay lads. (TRS)  - However at the moment, James Dabill (Beta) seems to have a firm grasp on the British Championship.
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