Friday November 30th 2018

The last day of the month- and with the Entry list now open for the 2019 Scottish Six Days, I thought I would share this link to the Trials Guru site, and a report on the 1979 Scottish, as written by a rider from New Zealand -  most people who have ever ridden this great event, will I think enjoy,-  as a spectator on  at least three occasions - I could relate to a lot of the sections mentioned. - And yes certainly to the cold weather.



This is young Chris Stay on the Steve Saunders sponsored TRS bikes - Heath took the photo at last weekend’s BVM Test day. -

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Heath says that the Brexit stuff in the UK, has really been a downer for Motorcycle sales in England, and many shops are facing tough times - We can only wonder how this will effect the Factories in Europe. - All of the factories do projected sales, including the Japanese, who work on a 4 year plan. - If this backfires, due to an economic downturn, or a miscalculation in the market.  Things get very difficult.

Here is a video of Scrambling at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire England - these were the “Glory” years for British bikes and riders, with Jeff Smith at his very best. - Hawkstone was approx  30 miles from my hometown. - The circuit is still in use today, and as demanding as ever. - It has also hosted at least two World Trials ( we were at the 1995 event)

Here is a still shot from the top of the hill at the 1965 event - which was the first ever Scramble that I went to watch - it ended badly, when I found somebody had nicked my brand new James from the parking area.

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