Wednesday January 23rd 2019

World Enduro Canada is pleased to announce the complete CXCC schedule for the 2019 season. Months have been spent working alongside our regional race organizers and this season will feature some fantastic well known CXCC events as well as some new venues to the National Program.


April 21 - The Big Kahuna, Kamloops BC
May 19 - The Squealin’ Pig, Vernon BC
June 30 - The Monkey Wrench, Lytton BC
Sept 22 - The Rev Limiter, Silverstar Resort, Vernon BC


June 16 - Kennelly Mountain XC, Renfrew ON
June 22 - Gopher Dunes XC, Courtland, ON
August 25 - Parry Sound XC, ON
September 8 - Gully Mor XC, Alvinston On

Please watch for more details on these events in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to sign up for direct email updates as to not miss any exciting developments for the 2019 race season!


The month of January is always pretty quiet for us - a lot of people are getting over Christmas - others paying off credit card debt etc - Plus of course the winter weather tends to put a damper on any riding, unless you are into the sleds or snow-bikes. - I haven’t been on a sled since I got out of the Yamaha retail business, in 1986, and have no desire to try the new sport of Snow-biking - mainly of course because of age.

Here are a few pics from testing sleds back in the mid 70’s  - In  the top one the Japanese are conducting some experiment involving gas and temperature at altitude - I kept clear of that.

Middle pic shows me sitting on the Prototype SRX  with my helmet on - another Yamaha rep Dale Spinks, is on the other one - bottom pic shows me sitting on the ET 340 , with Winnipeg Rep George Carlson standing         ( George died of a heart attack a few years ago)
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Which brings me back to Trials - last weekend, we had two guys contact us about getting back into the sport - both are 72 years old !!!!!!   - Both mentioned that the news of me still riding at 81 gave them the idea to take another look at getting a Trials bike. ( The Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame  thing may have helped) -  While I’m obviously restricted to riding pretty easy stuff now - I guess this does tend to show that you can enjoy Trials riding at any age, and the more we get the word out the better.
We have also had more interest from lady riders, wanting to try a Trials bike - the reason is quite obvious to most of us old codgers, but I think the fact that we stress our local Trials events are catered to all abilities, and that simply getting out for a trail ride on a TRIALS bike - can be a wonderful experience.

The bottom line is that Trials riding can be fun for everybody - and is a sure way to breed Super Enduro Stars like Graeme Jarvis.


Winter is always a good time to sort out stuff - and Tuesday was one of those days - I came across this old Photo from the very early 70’s, which shows Terry Porter on the left - with yours truly on the right. - Now the question is - “Does anybody know what ever happened to Terry ?”  - He went East to work for Air Canada - but I lost track of him after that.

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Just came across a link to a website called Speed Track Tales - which has a ton of old stuff on it - including lots of videos. This is one of the 1983 ISDE in Wales - at which of course the Canadian Team finished 2nd in the Silver Vase ( Now called the Junior Trophy) - Plus won the Coveted Watling Trophy for the most Improved Country in the World at the ISDE -  I looked after the Canadian Yamaha Team for this event    -   ( with no help from Yamaha Motor Canada) - Everybody paid their own way. - I just organized the Transport in the UK through Mitsui - who were the Yamaha Importers at that time. - They treated our Team extremely well.

Check out the footage and see just how tough it was in the Welsh mud.  >>>   ISDE 1983 MID-WALES UK


Here is a great shot of new Beta Factory rider Benoit Bincaz trying hard at the Budapest Indoor., cheered on by his minder.

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