Wednesday February 6th 2019

It was on this date back in 1952 that King George 6th died, and a young Princess Elizabeth returned from a holiday abroad, to become Queen of England.


This is a pic of a Norton “Kneeler” from the same era - Sammy Miller is sitting on it at his wonderful Museum in the UK - it was raced by Australian Ray Amm, just before the great Norton Factory shut down. - Amm was later killed testing a Suzuki.
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Another Norton pic - sent to us by Roger Boothroyd - it shows Ben Hircock racing at Westwood.  His son Ben Jr - rode trials for many years, and was a regular on the Stan Bakgaard shows.

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Nothing more intimidating than  being filmed by the boss himself at the TRS Demo-Days in Spain.

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Here’s a short video of the late great Barry Sheene - eventually died from cancer after a near fatal  crash at Daytona in which he broke just about every bone in his body.  - Barry was a party boy and a chain smoker who lived life to the full.  >>>>>> post


The frigid weather continues in the West, with -19 this morning, and ice has been forming around the edge of Lake Okanagan, which rarely happens. Needless to say, we are staying close to home., but share a thought for people in Fort Mac and other places, where it is reported to be -41.


So looking back at some of the video clips of the Barcelona X Trial - We saw Toni Bou take a couple of falls and wonder just how many more he will need before he decides enough is enough? - To see what these top riders can do on a Trials bike is mind boggling, but I think things are getting a bit on the crazy side.

here is a link to the video - judge for yourselves >


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