Friday February 8th 2019

ARE YOU A BETA LOVER? READ ALL THE STORY…No photo description available.

Are you a beta lover? Read the whole story…
Article available at the beta sales network.
Cod. P01. in Florence over a century ago, betamotor still continues to be protagonist in the motorcycle field. A story made of intuition, courage, work, will to compare with the most important world brands. This is the story, and never told for whole, of an Italian motorcycle company born in 1905, passed free through two world wars, founded and guided still today by the white family, now at the fourth generation.
A story divided by chapters, each accompanied by the images of hundreds of models produced over time: from the first bicycles to the many motorcycles, accompanied by the respective technical sheets A production always evolving to satisfy the wishes of the public every time, starting from the glorious “Velomotori” of early twentieth century up to trial bikes before, and from enduro then, capable of conquering world titles on repeat. They could not miss mopeds, from those to pedal to the famous ” Tuboni ” of the s until the ” modern ” Scooters of the ninety. Not only, but there are also the first “Sports” Road, the cross, enduro and rally bikes. When the victories come with engines designed and built in their own, starting in the s, the circle closes.
Jamie McGregor of Brantford Ontario , has been posting some pics & reports of some old Trials events from the past - This was the first page of the write up of the first ever FIM World Championship in 1975 near Bragg Creek Alberta, set up by myself, and reported by Harlow Rankin,This was likely, one of the most difficult challenges that I have faced, over a span of 40 years in Canadian Trials. - Not knowing just how good the European riders were, and certainly not knowing just how overnight bad weather would effect the course, ( A long 69 miles ) - had me scrambling to salvage the event. -
The object, as with all Trials, was to have a variety of sections to test all abilities, and while it’s easy to criticize as an onlooker, after all these years, I was happy to recently get a couple of messages, from two of the very best in the World, who were at the Trial. ( Both were complimentary)
So this weekend is the first CPTA Trial of the year at Ioco - Will it be a go? weather is a bit iffy - check this blog for news tomorrow am.  A word of warning - with the frigid low temperatures, please take care if you plan on transporting your Trials bike by Pick-up Truck - the soft Trials tires can freeze to the metal bed and rip the knobs off when you try to unload - also the cold air can freeze the rad.  ( Yes we have seen this happen)
Here is video of some of the local action from BC.
And another from a UK Trial.
This is a great shot of one of the most famous sections in the World - “Pipeline”
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