Monday February 11th 2019

For those of you who didn’t see the clip of Benoit Bincaz at the French indoor on Saturday - here it is  - riding in front of his home crowd must have been tough - but he came through with flying colors - it would appear that the switch to Beta suits him.

I should mention that I found the scoring system confusing, but that seems to happen a lot in France. ( Remember when Gille Burgat won a World Round and even he was surprised at his score!!)
Here is a good shot of Luca Petrella. another new lad on a Beta.
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This is a nice practice area that Heath & his buddies have in the UK - I notice that even over there some folk dispose of old tires in the bush.
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After my post on Postil Lake yesterday, somebody emailed, asking if this was still available to ride? - To be honest I’m not sure - I did go there about 4-5 years ago and found a new road had been pushed through, which took out a lot of the stuff we used, -  also the Mountain bikers have taken it over to some extent, installing all their wooden ramps etc - this should not be allowed in my opinion - lets keep the woods natural.

Quite frankly I didn’t enjoy the day riding there which was a disappointment considering all the great sections we had on the loop. An old guy by the name of Joe had a shack close by, and told us he was the caretaker of the land we used which he said belonged to the Bennett family, of Political fame or other things depending on what you thought.


Nice old Scramble video from the UK. - Those were the days !!



With reports of a lot of snow on the West Coast - we have no idea as yet, how things went at Ioco for the Trial - we will let you know when we have news.

Janis Clark posted this pic of her driveway Sunday afternoon in Coquitlam.

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