Tuesday February 12th 2019

So the word from Vancouver on the Beta Trial, was that they had 25 riders, amazing considering the conditions. A full report will soon be up on Trials Canada, but it sounds like everybody had fun.  - Alex Walton (TRS) took the Expert win.

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I had to laugh when I saw this posted  - but it also took me back to my Yamaha days, and the time I took the new Japanese President to visit Walt Healy in Calgary. - Walt was busy, so I took the Japanese upstairs to the next level, where Walt had a “Bunch” of used bikes stored. - “Oh” was the exclamation as I flicked on the light switch, and they saw the rows and rows of bikes - every make & size - a total of 600 on that floor!!  - At a later date, I got Walt to pick 10 of these each week and post them as “Saturday Specials” in the Calgary Herald Classified advts. - You would have been amazed at how this moved product, but it also got customers in to look at new Yamaha’s as well.  Great memories.


Nice to see that the Island boys got some snow !!! ( That will teach ‘em for posting all those pics riding on the dry ground day after day !!!)
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Some of our readers may recall seeing a photo of me riding one of these ! - I borrowed it from “Ton-Up” Cycle in Calgary to do a test for the Cycle Magazine, and ended up riding it in a Trial at Blackfoot Park in early 1971 ( still snow on the ground)  This was my first ever Trial in Canada, and saw me winning the “Best Opposite” award ( A strange system the CMA had back in the day)  - The Greeves Factory closed shop soon after, but quite a few good lads from the UK rode them for a while.  - I sometimes wonder what ever happened to that bike I tested.
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Check out this Retro World Trials video - All the top riders with sensible sections.


I like this pic that Pete took of me - as usual I’m on an Evo 200 and just starting into this neat section at a secret location. - It even looks like I’ve got things under control!! It must have been around 2013, because I’m wearing old gear and my NZI Carbon Helmet.
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Here is one of me out testing the 2013 Beta RR300  ( Now owned by Kevin Fleming) very impressive bike, but the new high seat style and the fact that back then I was already 75 - had me spending a limited amount of time on it. ( Likely just as well, because it sure got my heart thumping)

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Lots of snow pics being posted at the moment, so thought you would like to see this old one taken at the Summerland Ady Brown Memorial Trial a few years ago - actually it was the day after - that is Jay Colley’s camp set up - not ideal camping conditions for sure - but Steve Day & the Bustin family also stayed over.
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