Wednesday February 13th 2019

Bob Johns posted this rather humorous pic taken by a new neighbor - the Island folk have sure got hammered this past few days - Vancouver is also under a snow advisory.
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Not that it was much better in the OK Valley yesterday - snowed most of the day.


Check out this great video >>>>


I’m sure that everybody has an opinion on how the sport of Trials riding is at the moment, on a World wide scale.

James Dabill’s minder Jiri Svoboda¬† has posted his ideas on the link below. - interesting comments and worth reading. - He is also a good rider and has been around for a while on the International scene.

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Here is a photo of Jiri competing in the Scottish Six Day Trial.


With snow blanketing the¬† Province, it’s hard to get too excited about riding, in fact I think I will need to cancel a Doctor’s appointment today as the driveway is “Plugged”


And now for something different - Anybody in the market for a really good deal on a low miles ( just over 9,000 k) 2015 1200 - lots of extras. - A Trials buddy needs to sell this as he simply doesn’t use it. - Give me a call if you are interested.

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It’s not easy hitching a ride in the winter !!! This is a pic taken in the Rogers Pass.

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And here is a pic from the Ioco “Beta Trial” last Sunday - as you can see it was snowing - sorry don’t know who took the photo.

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