Thursday February 14th 2019

A good day to post this I think  >>

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Anybody that attended the 1994 World Round at Donner, will remember this section - Dougie Lampkin is the rider & I took the photo with a Pentax fitted with a 300mm Telephoto lens.  - That was back when we used film and you had to know what you were doing.

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With all the discussion going on regarding modern Trials  -  I found this post interesting regarding the vintage Pre-65 scene in the UK 
Just to stir things up,probably not worth much but it’s my opinion . All my life I’ve been involved with bikes ( like most of us ) mainly classics . I’ve seen the demise of genuine classic race bikes, they are now nearly all brand new repros which cost a fortune ! Admittedly this does help in safety issues particularly in the IOM road meetings . The next and worst for me is the explosion of brand new Pre 65 trials bikes ! Go to a pre 65 trial and there are hardly any pucka bikes there ! It’s so sad that the heart of the sport has gone ( nothing against the great engineers and companies who market all the products ) but it was great turning up on an original bike with your mates and fettling these great machines . Every pre 65 bike now looks identical and they are all fake ! By the way I’ve been guilty of this by building a brand new James at one time but through my dummy out and sold it ( I believe it’s being used quite successfully now by a certain rider ) Are we going to see all our twin shocks left in the back of sheds in years to come ? Replaced by £10k replicas ! The rot could soon set in ! That would be sad , let’s try to keep them as genuine as poss !
While today is “Valentine’s Day” -many people in the Trials World, are remembering the great Diego Bosis, who died on this day seven years ago at the young age of 44 years old..
At -18 again this morning in the Valley so a cold one for all the “Lovers’ out there.

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