Monday February 18th 2019

So today is called Family day - or Stateside “Trump” day - I got a call from  Interlube International, my Opti Supplier  late last week & he laughed when I called the US holiday this - his comment was well ! if they called it that, it  would  likely piss off about 40% of the Country !!


So with warmer weather - but really not much incentive - I did bugger all on Sunday except watch the Golf - but now I have a real beef with the TV Channel - ( I don’t get the golf channel) - Just like last week, when there was a weather delay - they cut the broadcast short with only a couple of holes to play, just when it’s getting exciting -  I know a lot don’t think this is exciting - but when you compare it to Trials and the head game issues, it does have some similarities. - Everybody has a score card - they play 18 holes and the low score wins.  ( I have never played golf in my life)

This is a photo from Bernie Schreiber’s book on Trials - It was taken by Len Weed, who came to ride a couple of our Alberta Trials, back in the 70’s on a Hodaka ! ( We had a few riders make the trip and they all seemed to like our events - including the FIM  ones)
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Now looking at this pic - most modern Trials riders will say WTF - but when you consider that Trials riding has always supposed to have been a test of rider over difficult terrain - then this was (and is in my opinion) a great section. - Most modern day Trials riders would shudder if they saw a section like this in a Trial today. - But please remember - when these types of sections were common, the rider entry even at club events, was over 100, now we are lucky to get 50 or less at any club Trial in Canada.
Or how about this one?  - Bernie on the Yellow Submarine

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