Thursday February 21st 2019

With the month of February winding down - it’s time to look at some of the upcoming events  on the Calendar - The VMC Trial that was postponed due to snow - will now happen on March 3rd at the club property. - Next up is the TRS Trial at Ioco on March 17th. - Time to get the bikes all greased up & ready to go.


Yesterday I had to get out the shovel and clear some of the snow so that I could load some Opti in my van - fortunately my tractor guy showed up later, to plow the driveway, so that I could get out. - It turned out to quite a nice sunny day and the main roads were all in good shape.

I delivered my load to Ace Courier in  Vernon, for shipping to Creston - BC - I have been using them now for a number of years, so I’ve got to know the office staff quite well - the gal that did the paperwork, also had to come out to open the warehouse door as nobody was around, which surprised me - she said things have been quite slow for them.  - It seems like the slowdown  due to the weather and the economy  is effecting everybody.

PIN IT !!!!

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Just heard that Olivier has bought a used Beta Evo 200 - lucky guy as these will be even harder to find now, after the news I posted yesterday.


Nice pic of Jordi back in the day on the Beta TR 34 - check out the cameras !!

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