Saturday February 23rd 2019

The news that Beta seem to be dropping the Evo 200 really is a bummer- I first heard about the 200 - this being a Rev 200 - from my old buddy Adrian Brown, who returned to England before succumbing to cancer - Ady told me that these bikes were the idea of John Lampkin, and that he was amazed at the performance. Ady was a big lad, yet he told me the Rev 200 pulled him around no problem.
Fast forward to 2009 and we brought in an Evo 200 - really not knowing what to expect, but our first tests were mind boggling - the bike acted more like a big bore when you rolled off the throttle - it would pull 3rd & 4th no problem. - The first units, came with a 26mm carb and a 125cc bottom end, but the later bikes have been fitted with a 28mm Keihin and the 250 bottom end, making a great little bike even better.
Suffice to say that I was super impressed by this bike, and while people might recall I promoted a 150 Gas Gas back a few years - I have had the privilege of riding all capacities  in both Trials and Cross Country events.

Moving on - we have always tried to fit the rider to the bike - and while some people take the  approach of “Bigger is better” - we have always done the opposite - AND - I think we have kept some riders in the sport, because they were not in, over their heads.

While the “One size fits all” philosophy, does not apply to motorcycles, it’s good  for customers to have such a wide variety of brands, models and colors.  - As my old buddy Walt Healy used to say “It’s whatever turns you on”
Of course at the factory level, it’s all about numbers, and with no separate class for 200’s I can fully understand why the sales for this size of engine, might not be popular in some areas.  ( mostly Europe)
What is hard to figure, is that Beta have now introduced a RR 200 Enduro, which they say are selling out quickly, but as far as I know there is not a 200 class in any Enduro. ( KTM dropped their 200)

Anyway it is what it is, -  time to promote something else I guess. - The Evo 125 and Evo 250 are excellent models , as are the TRS 125 - 250 -280 - then there is the Xtrack -another great idea. Plus we can also supply the  Beta 300cc models in 2 or 4 stroke.

This is Albert Cabestany having fun on the TRS in the snow - Yes you can have a lot of fun riding in the winter, providing it’s not too cold - we have had a blast in the Bear Ridge area many times - “Sling-shotting” from one brown patch to the next in 3rd gear.


Here is your video for today


It snowed all day Friday in the Valley, so we didn’t make it out to the mail box.

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This just showed up on FB - Taken by Harlow Rankin back in 1980 at the Ioco World Round. - the section was sponsored by Outlaw Accessories ( see the white card) and is the well known “Stanly Falls”
'A blast from the past  at the Ioco World Round  from many years ago - not sure who the riders are checking things out. - But the Section was sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport and the pic was taken by Harlow Rankin.'


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