Monday February 25th 2019

As most people know, my background is Welsh - so I had to laugh when I saw this post - the reason, for those who are not Rugby fans, is that Wales won the big game on Saturday against arch rival England.

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Check out this video …>>>  video


This is a great photo of Martin Lampkin on the Bultaco Sherpa T - not sure of the year, but I’m guessing around 1973 ( no helmet’s back then)

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Yesterday was another “Couch Potato” event - watched the Golf from Mexico - checked out some of the news posted on FB - ( lots of garbage)  - answered a few emails regarding Trials - bikes etc. - Generally, I think most people are ready for spring. - A good sign of this is seeing the amount of wild birds returning - we get quite a lot in our yard, and saw a Flicker ( Type of wood-pecker)  a couple of days ago.

I noticed that even Ioco is still a challenge to ride in the snow and icy conditions, and even in Victoria, they have a lot of snow at the club ground - hopefully this will melt before their Trial next Sunday.

Of course the Ski bums and snowmobile crowd are loving the recent dumps - they had 43cm at Big White last Friday. -

I see that a bunch of riders, including Chris Hrabb, will be joining Dave Chambers on the long trip to Texas, for the Rev Limiter Enduro - they did this last year, and Chris told me it was a lot of fun. - With cabin fever effecting all Dirt bikers at the moment, we wish them luck.


As most people know, we have been Distributing Optimol - or Opti as it is now called, in Western Canada since 1987, and although we are now pretty much retired and don’t travel, we still ship to many of our loyal dealers, and of course use the product in all our Trials bikes. -

We can supply the Opti 2 mix, Opti 2 Injector and Opti 4 - in all size containers ( Including pails and 45 gal drums)
The pic shows a box of the popular mix pouches - simple to add to gas cans, and in fact some riders take a couple of pouches with them on a long ride, because although it’s easy to find a place to gas up, not all service stations have mix oil. ( and your riding buddy may be on a four-stroke)
The Opti 2  is synthetic and has a built in fuel stabilizer, so storage is not a problem. If you are having difficulty finding a dealer in your area, just shoot me an email.
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