Thursday March 7th 2019

Well the weather has finally warmed up a bit - a couple of degrees above zero, so Wednesday, I took a long overdue visit to the Barber shop !! The one we have in Vernon, has 4 barbers on staff, and are always busy, but even they have felt the downturn in business due to the long cold snap.

Unfortunately the warmer temperatures, also brought more snow, so we won’t be going anywhere today !! When will this winter from hell end?

I must say that like everybody, we have had enough of winter and want to get out on the bike - obviously other people feel the same way, and we have started to get calls on both Beta and TRS, with this next month looking pretty busy. - We have stock coming in on both lines of Trials bikes, which will take up our limited space - (already a bit crowded)


Here is a short video, of a guy setting up a nice natural section for a Trial this weekend in Cheshire England - Gotta love this one >>>>>> post


It’s Steve Colley’s birthday today - so thought I would post this old photo  - wonder how many people can name all the people? - ( I know I can)
Image may contain: 5 people, including Woody Hole, people smiling, outdoor and nature


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