Friday March 15th 2019

A reminder as we get ready for the upcoming riding season - All Trials bikes require  a spark arrestor   for BC events, plus for riding on any Crown Land.

We have these for TRS and Beta, but early season stock is limited, so be sure to let us know if you need one.


I saw this posted yesterday by Ron Walsh - not sure when the pic was taken - but the parking lot at Ioco, would certainly appear to have a lot of snow.
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It turns out the pic was taken last Sunday & Ron replied to say that most of this snow has now melted - good news for anybody planning on attending the Trial on Sunday. ( No prizes for guessing who the guy with his back to the camera is)


Another upcoming VMC Trial next month.
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Check out this old video>


We have heard from Roger Boothroyd of the VMC that “Boomer”  Gronow has been hospitalized with Pneumonia - but should be OK - As most of his friends will remember, Boomer has been a member of the VMC for decades - I don’t think anybody knows really how old he is !!! His son Paul Gronow  rode Expert Trials for a lot of years, including many of our Okanagan events.

We wish him a speedy recovery.


For many years, Team Bosi - of Italy, have been supplying tricked up Beta models to many Trials stars - This is their latest version.
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I never thought that I would ever say that I was bored about anything to do with Trials, but it seems that the only video that gets posted these days on the social media, is Hop,Hop, Hop. - which to me, while very clever - is not really what Trials is all about& frankly I no longer find it interesting.

I was thinking back ( as all us old guys do) about events from the past, and wishing that I had more photographs - in particular, I would have liked a pic of the Yamaha Canada TY 250 that I crashed while leading a Cross Country race at Elkford BC. in 1974.
The course went along an old rail bed - & being flat out in 6th on the Trials bike, I was a long way ahead of everybody - but the organizers ( new to the game)  had failed to mark a danger spot - where a bridge had been taken out over a creek - suffice to say that the TY ended up pretty much a write off. -

I fared better - concussion & a few cracked ribs. - But I sure would have liked a pic of that bike after the crash when it was loaded back on my trailer. - Nobody could believe that I had survived.  ( It makes a good campfire story)  Alas, few people took pics at events, back then except snap shots.
The kids these days are spoiled because they always have their phones & take a pic of everything that moves.

Back in the day - everything was film and you really had to know what you were doing with a camera- especially if you were shooting for a magazine or newspaper. - ( Which was my background ) - one other very good  motorcycle Photographer in Canada was Harlow Rankin, who now lives in Nanaimo. - also a Trials enthusiast and a founder of the ATRA in Alberta.
Both Harlow and myself plus guys like Roger Boothroyd,  provided coverage of many events for both Cycle Canada and Cycle CMA - plus  some other  International publications.

But you can’t ride-race and take pics so one had to go and I chose to give more time to promoting Motorcycle sport through the lens and event coverage - Although I didn’t actually quit riding Trials until I was 70.
I think a lot of history might have been lost because of this fact. - You have to admire the quality of some of the old Black & White photographs from the  turn of the century -All taken using wet plate large cameras.

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