Saturday March 16th 2019

OK so this is the Beta Team -pic taken in Italy - but the only guy that I recognize, is on the very far right - Donato Miglio - former very good World Trials rider, who joined the Beta Factory when he retired from the sport.
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Bob Johns has been on Holiday for the past week and took some really nice Photos on The Island - This is one of my favorites.
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Video for today >>>


The sunshine and warmer weather certainly does a lot to lift spirits - especially as we get older - being confined to the house and just watching TV - can only keep you motivated for so long - It’s finally warm enough for me to get out in the shop, which is good, because I have bunch of bikes coming in, and others waiting to be picked up. - nice to be busy, but why does it always seem to be a “Feast or a Famine”

One good thing that we are looking forward to this year, is an expanding old guys class - with a number of new comers anxious  to learn the ropes. - We could very well call this “Team Geritol”  - The big ” Plus”  ( one of the few) about being old - is that most guys are retired and can ride during the week. - Peter Brown and myself used to do a lot of this - usually had the woods to ourselves ( really miss Pete)

I spent some time last night, looking through my collection of video discs  - I have a ton from days gone by, of days out training new riders up & down the Valley - some only stayed in the sport for a year or two & either lost interest or moved on to other things.

Of course Trials isn’t for everybody - and even before the days of Hop & Bop - being watched by your competitors while riding a section - puts an awful lot of pressure on people new to the sport. - Trials has always been a “Head game” - similar to golf in that regard, but without all the “Perks”

I think that is why the longer loops, as in the old days - or events such as the Scottish Six Days, are more popular - riders get spread out with more “Breathing room” - I recall that one of the best Outlaw Trials  we ever held at Summerland, was one long loop with 40 sections ridden once. Yes lots of work setting up, but well worth the effort.


Here is an interesting clip of a row of Beta models - taken someplace in Europe ( before the Evo)



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