Tuesday March 19th 2019

On yesterday’s blog - we posted a bit about the Welsh Championship Trial, and although we don’t have the official results - Steve Saunders mentioned that most of the classes were won by TRS riders. We now can show this neat video link of the event. great sections but very slippery. Looked like a lot of Betas.
check it out. >>  post

And if you want to watch some great footage of the British Enduro event click on here> post


In other TRS News - It was a clean sweep of the Expert Class at Ioco on Sunday

1st Alex Walton - 2nd Jesse McDowall - 3rd Peirce McNeal

No other results yet - but they only had 24 riders - likely due to people seeing the snow pic on FB -( Although I heard most of this had melted)  As one of my local guys said - “If I want to ride in the snow - I only have to go out my back door ”
Has the sport of Trials at the World level gone a bit crazy ? - Check out this pic & judge for yourselves.

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As most people know - I spend a lot of time on FB - mainly because in the Winter,  things are really slow - but I recently hooked up to  an  Old Guys - link - and although this is mostly enduro type  content - I do see the odd post by a Trials guy.  - The reason I mention this, is because  - we now seem to be gathering quite a few - what should we call them - ” The Geritol Class” -  the bottom line expressed by all the riders on this other site ( although they think they are old at 55)  - is the fun they have, getting out on the bike - mostly riding the trails with buddies.


Just in case any of our readers except Taff are Rugby enthusiasts - it is worth noting that Wales are now ranked 2nd behind the all conquering New Zealand All blacks..  - They beat out England- Scotland and Ireland. - Yes there was singing in the Valley.


I may have posted this video clip before - but it’s worth looking at again - A brilliant young lady on a twin shock - poetry in motion,


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