Wednesday March 20th 2019

Here is a photo of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Directors - They are all Volunteers from across Canada - many of them retired competitors, from all aspects of the sport. - I was lucky enough to meet most of them last November in Vancouver.
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Sharp eyed bloggers will notice the Trials pic on the right side  taken in 1985 at Stan’s Kelowna Show.  A big thanks to all the board members, who give their time “For love of the Sport”

Motor  racing fans, might like to view this very rare Pre -War film  - Rear engine Auto Unions - Mercedes and other long forgotten makes.–ygHhHTDV-uo7n1DsFRlsTxpzT1CjBOeP_x8s2XhWgj6T5D640kRgMTWbRBn-FINsEhLfoO3tZ-r1R_VwUcSZq43AiNX7bGFaBqK-sLrk0T7oSe5zhdCQiiEAiXDXnbWIo0ZbPL_hy3MoAfNUpnz0qbikUoWCIQqvq8GJPAxh1NVyk8AltQS4mb1W45LKC6q9Bq_0lfbNc-HKy8w_ug7Ic8RNhIrG8E5D9K1iB4BS9IJ37jS9wyz6OeM8CdIo4fFxnOeOX8Jh1UVqPVnFxaf73ROI8oUKZcM_31Qk3MED8ICrtnj-q-ofiG7UIdAHYGaWdIkCvRrT17100r8IITNXhUi-biIn8VPZsQxkZz7Tx8J8NPfwIWoQ-6nQCmp9kbUKwNPpUn4u5zsdJMdUFOwGV7xazio7JdV98878sedkcHZvSZgtqfoNoQzN-JlxUTWOx8u6VEfMzDSTyi3r-pIkcwGG0CStbrpZCeJRfafQztl5zYUlMUtQtddw


Here is an usual pic from 1983 - unusual because it’s Spain and a stream section with snow on the banks.  Also notice that Gille Burgat has two fingers on the Fantic clutch.
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Iwan Roberts Trials

Great trial today 👌 won the Welsh Championship round at Neath 🥇 and to top it off TRS were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both Championship and Expert Classes! Bike is awesome ✊️🏍💨=======================================>Sometimes things don’t go as planned - Not sure who this is or where it was taken.
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Today will  be a busy day - starting off with a visit to my new Doctor - need a refill on all the medications I now have to take on a daily basis. Hopefully this won’t take too long.
Then later we are supposed to get a shipment of Betas - if the hiway was open - after that we will have a visit from Steve Doel, who will be stopping by to pick up his new Factory Beta 300 - After a slow start the season is finally kicking off with a lot of people buying new Beta and TRS Trials bikes.


Sometimes you just need to get out and smell the flowers > This is California.

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More News as it happens>>>>>.

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