Thursday March 21st 2019

So Wednesday morning I met my new Doctor - A very nice Canadian lady from Saskatchewan - the first Canadian Doctor that I have had in over  20 years - the others were all South African - and also good - but then they return home and you have start over. - Now all I have to do is convince her that riding Motorcycles is fun, even when you get old, and a lot of ladies ride as well.

Unfortunately the news was not so good regarding my Beta shipment, which got delayed again and will now not arrive until Friday. - This will push back some pick-ups and deliveries into the weekend.

At least most of the snow has gone from the yard, so  I was able to PDI one of the bikes being picked up this week. - Great to ride around & set it up correctly for the new Alberta customer.

Even a short time riding in a small area, can teach new riders  correct technique with turns and clutch control - this is a pic from a training school in Ireland - Note how the instructor is leaning the bike into the turn, while keeping his body vertical - fingers on the clutch and front brake.


The VMC have an event happening this Sunday -  here is the poster prepared as usual by Roger Boothroyd. - Weather looks glorious for anybody wanting to get away to the Island for the weekend.  - For those not familiar with the name, Reg Shanks was a founding member of the Victoria Club, and a very well known dealer and competitor. - The Shanks family were recently Inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
Click for poster for 2019 Reg Shanks Trial


As everybody knows - there is a lot of garbage posted on the Social Media and Forums, but recently some interesting old memories have appeared, from the British Motorcycle Press from the 60’s ( I still have some of these old magazines somewhere in my archives)

No photo description available.

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