Saturday March 23rd 2019

Beta shipment arrived yesterday on a beautiful blue sky day - did the set up outside it was that warm. - Old friend Steve Doel stopped by to pick up a new Beta Evo 300 Factory, and also loaded up a new TRS to drop off for fellow Albertan Glen Kemp on route going by Canmore. - With this warmer weather things will soon be buzzing in  the woods.  Over the years, I have supplied Steve with Gas Gas and Beta plus Sherco, and know his family quite well.
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Today I will deliver another Beta Factory to Ross up in the Shuswap - as I’m sure everybody is anxious to get out riding. - So as of right now, the only unsold bike we have ( apart from my demos) is a new Evo 300 Super Smooth - This bike has been getting very good reviews from the old guys at the coast.  Next week.we have more TRS bikes coming in -(all sold) so it’s turning out to be a busy Spring.  ( just as well as the Oil business sucked in January/February)


The question tonight - will be  ” Do I chance a ride on Sunday? “  - Hopefully the answer will be yes.


Another shot of “Real” Trials - this time it’s the wonderful lady rider Debbie Evans on the Yamaha TY 175. Of course the place is Scotland. ( Section looks like “Grey Mares Ridge”)


So Honda have announced an electric  MX bike, and no doubt a lot of people will be going “Ga Ga” over it - Just as when Yamaha showed off their TY E a few months ago. - Well for me I’m afraid I have to say “so What” - Obviously there is a huge push by Government to promote the use of Electric - but without getting too Political - Does any of this stuff make sense? ( Yes I’ve read all the pros & cons) -

Like most of the current generation, I grew up in the gas engine era - and for me it was a wonderful time, (because I’m old) seeing all these exotic  bikes and the development. - Not only with Trials bikes or Scramblers as we used to call them. - Who remembers the 60’s and 70’s when the Japs were making multi cylinder 125cc road racers -  Honda did a lot but so did Suzuki and Yamaha. ( they even had a Moto GP 50cc class back then)


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