Sunday March 24th 2019

Steve Doel showed up with this old & very tall trailer on Friday to pick up the bikes - but still loaded them by hand - without a ramp - big strong guy, !!
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Here is the podium at Round #1 of the British championship
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And congrats to young Chris Stay  (TRS) from the Isle of Wight on winning the Expert class.

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Helmut Clasen posted this pic from the ISDT in Germany back in 1968 - Optimol supported the event- Helmut has been using the product ever since.
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And now for something a bit different a video about Steam Engines. - When I was a lad ( a very long time ago) I used to belong to the schoolboys Train watchers club. - We had small books with all the engines operating in the UK at that time listed.  What we did, was spend hours at a local Train station  - and wait for the trains to pass. - Then we would note the name of the engine and number, which would then be underlined in our book as being “Seen”

I know that I became quite friendly with the guys who operated the Signal box at the Whittington station near Oswestry - I was able to spend time up in the box and even got to be shown how to pull the levers that operated the signals for the trains..


Yesterday I drove up to Magna Bay to deliver Ross Rathbone his new Beta Factory Evo  - I quite enjoyed the drive via the back road to Salmon Arm  - I saw a gaggle of white Snow Geese flying low over the fields  a  very nice  sight.


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