Friday March 29th 2019

Thursday was another busy day in the parts department - a sure sign that Spring is here and people are fixing up their bikes ready for the riding season. The weather is looking better each and every day, so a trip to Summerland can’t be that far off.


Transporting your bike to an event, is always a challenge - in the old days in the UK, we used to ride our Trials bikes to the venue, as they were always street legal.  Later in Canada, it was a bumper carrier on the back of the family station wagon followed by a trailer. - However, this would appear to be a cheap way to do it - I remember Pat Horan hauled his race bike on a small trailer behind his Yamaha Virago - back in the day.

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Today I’m off to Kelowna to deliver Opti - was hoping to tie in a ride over on the Westside but that doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen


Saw this posted from back in the day of Scrambling in the UK - However, I had nothing to do with this event !!!

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