Tuesday April 2nd 2019

So now everybody is getting excited to get out for a new season of competition - or maybe just riding, a word on what I consider once again on what the sport of Trials is all about.

For sure throwing your expensive bike against a huge rock wall, time after time, is certainly NOT IT  (IMHO)  - check out this video clip from the French Championship last weekend >>> post

We have always tried to promote trials in the way it was first intended - back at the turn of the Century - A test of man and machine on a long natural course. -  The modern day Hop & bop from one obstacle to another,  while very clever, does nothing to promote the sport, in my opinion.
Yesterday was April 1st - a time for jokes for lots of people, but for me - it was  all business, in the morning, with Fred from Golden stopping  by to pick up a new TRS 300 - NEVER RIDDEN A MOTORCYCLE BEFORE. -  Naturally we took a lot of time explaining things - with the advise go find an open field near Golden BC. !! Maybe try to hook him up with Sammy.

Later ( as the sun was shining out of a clear blue Okanagan Sky - I went over to the Westside   to ride with Roy. - I unloaded the TRS 125 because I wanted to know just how good this bike was - the model we have does not have the power valve, and this became obvious the first time I tried a tight turn followed by a steep uphill  - normally I would do this in 3rd on the Beta 200 - but the 125 TRS  wouldn’t pull the tall gear - - So back to thinking - I tried it again in 2nd gear - Lots of revs & clutch - PERFECT.  - Now I have raced 125 Yams years ago - the last one had a power valve so this is the way to go. - On the trail - the little TRS performed flawlessly and I have to say I love this bike ( The only one in Canada at this time)- but you have to be good with the clutch.
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I surprised these deer at the top of one ridge - but they were only mildly curious & went on eating.

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The sun is already shining - and to make the most of it - I’m heading down the Valley to hook up with old buddy Steve Taggart - He just bought a TRS Xtrack and this will be his first ride with me since the 1970’s in Alberta - should be fun & I will take some pics. - I have both my bikes in the van, but think I will ride my Evo 200 today.


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