Wednesday April 3rd 2019

Well, Tuesday I played hooky again and went riding with Steve Taggart at Summerland. - Steve rode Trials in Alberta in the 70’s, before going to Oz for a while - then lived down East - later buying a Sherco from us to ride on his Muskoka property. - A couple of years ago - he moved to the West Coast, before finally settling in Naramata.  - This brought back a yearning for a Trials bike & he bought an Xtrack from us. - Tuesday was his first  real ride on the bike and he did extremely well.

Conditions were really good and while there is still some snow around on the lower trails - we managed to get a great ride in over to Rowdy Flats, ending with a lunch stop on top of the big hill where we had a number of   sections a few years ago.  - The Xtrack performed just as it should, and Steve had no issues following me around, although we were both pretty tired by the time we made it back to the truck.  - The Xtrack made it around the loop without any fuel issues, but we took an extra liter as a precaution.
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Here is the old guy on the 2019 Beta Evo 200 - over on Rowdy Flats -( we didn’t see any wild horses this time) - - the 200 is a wonderful bike, and I really enjoy riding it.
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This is me showing Steve a section that I had a few Experts look at - steep drop off followed by a turn on loose ground before using a kicker rock to jump back up on the rocky ledge.- The first guy to try it was Sam back when he first came over on Holiday he was on my Evo 300 and did it perfectly the first time, but broke the rear fender on the second try - I later took Brandon to this spot & he went through it like a main road - hopping on the rear wheel at the top of the rock after making the jump. Most riders would I think just shake their head !! - We only showed this to a few Experts and never used it in any event.


So that’s two rides in two days - not bad for an old guy - but now it’s time to get some work done. - We are supposed to get some rain today, so my timing for getting out first on the TRS Raga 125 then on the Beta Evo 200  was perfect ( that’s why we monitor the weather channel)


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