Thursday April 4th 2019

Today is a pretty special day at the Outlaw residence !! - Babsy turns 80 years old today, and while she might think she looks a bit ancient - everybody at the big surprise party we had last weekend hosted by our daughter and family,  thought she looked fabulous, including myself. - This pic was taken last Christmas - Happy birthday Sweetheart - thanks for a lifetime of wonderful memories. ( And for putting up with me) -
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After a hectic couple of days out riding - Wednesday was catch up day on paperwork and parts ordering - and shipping . - It was a bit gloomy with a few sprinkles of rain, but not anywhere near enough for what we need.

We noticed on Tuesday how dry things are already in the Summerland area - another reminder that spark arrestors are a requirement on all Off Road bikes and ATV’s. while being operated on crown land.

We stopped at one spot in the back 40, where we have some sections - and I noticed that unlike last year, a hollow on the trail was dry, whereas last year it was a big pond - It’s strange that things seem to change from year to year in this area, no matter what the snow conditions.  ( we have been riding here since 1987)


Another point to mention as we head into the 2019 season, is the need to have both registration and insurance for 3rd party liability when on Public land - This can sometimes be a hassle, especially if the Insurance company is not sure of the requirements  - this often causes confusion, long delays and short tempers. - I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve had on this issue - mainly because the insurance agent does not know the regulations. - The best people we have found to look after your dirt bike is Johnston Meier Insurance they have a number of locations in BC - in Vernon the ph number is toll free 1-800-755-8553 or 250-545-5311.( Ask for Sue)

The other alternative for Insurance is to go through Oasis out of North Battleford Sask. - they do the BCORMA policy and also cover the WEC and WTC competitions. ( ask for Kirsta) ( The advantage here, is that one insurance covers you to ride more than one bike that is registered to you)
Being legal while out on the trail is important, not only because it’s the law, but to show a responsible  image and also a desire to keep the forest open for future generations. - Belonging to a club is also another great way to be involved.


Well, Babsy turning 80 must have created a big surge in the electric current - as the power went off last night, and only turned back on at 7.30am today - just in time for me to make her a cup of tea.


Another birthday to celebrate today is Hugh Simpson - not sure how old Hugh is but must be around 73 -4

Happy birthday buddy - get out for a ride on your Beta 200.


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