Saturday April 6th 2019

We had a visit from Chris Hrabb yesterday - as most people know, Chris flies helicopter for Selkirk out of Revelstoke, and has bought a bunch of bikes from us -   quite a few Beta both Trials and Enduro, but right now,  has elected to go with Husky and TRS. - He was heading down to the big desert race South of the border - this is really something, attracting about 3,00 campers and 1500 riders on the line ( Yikes) - Sounds a bit like the old Big Bear run featured in the movie “On any Sunday”

It’s nice to look back on some of the old pics and think that yes - I met these guys and shared some laughs. - This is Mick Andrews who I got to know quite well during my Yamaha days. ( Note the old fashioned section - which we still promote)
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Not long now ’til the 2019 Scottish - check out this video clip >>


Here are two of the “Greats’ in the Trials World - Dougie Lampkin and Sammy Miller - Happy to say that I sponsored Dougie and his Dad Mart with Outlaw toolbelts & Bakpaks back in 1995 -6 - We dealt with Sammy for 30 years, Importing Trials parts, but never actually met him although I talked to him on the phone, and actually rode in the 1957 National Lomax Cup Trial in Wales, that he won.  ( Note : we used to buy the NZI Helmets from Sammy back in the day, before they went out of business - Frugal Sammy is still wearing his ( and I still have my Carbon copy someplace)
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We had a visit late Friday from Russ from Celista, who just got into Trials last year on an ex Ross Factory Beta & is loving it - He picked up some new Wulf pants and while we were chatting - Andrew Vipont stopped by to talk Trials - he has a Gasser and really wants to get involved with our group, so I told him about our Easter plan and I hear Russ and maybe Ross might come down that weekend for a camp-out and fun weekend.


So you want to talk cool ? - check this out >>>

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Check this out >>>  post


Just in case you thought the Japanese invented multi cylinder Road racers - check this out >>>

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Yes this is a British AJS - when the union jack was hanging high and the turmoils of non-stop immigration from European Countries   - destroyed the economy, -  However, the best Trial in the World, is still “The Scottish Six Days” - Local riders, might be surprised to learn the number of Canadian riders who have answered the challenge  and competed in this the the greatest Motorcycle Trial in the World.  - I can only remember a few - but I know that both Bob and Brett Clark of Mountain Motorcycle  and Beta/TRS fame - both rode and finished - Stanly got a 13th in 1983 - the best ever for a Canadian rider, - numerous Eastern lads have competed from back in the  day including  John De Gruchie - and more.  - it would be good to have a record of all the Canadian riders who have ridden the Scottish - Of course the more we think about it - the more names spring to mind - Sparky Bill, Christy Williams, & sister Kerry, - John Dearie did it on a rented Scorpa that proved to be a challenge, but managed to finish - a real good ride, as it is for anybody that tackles the Six Days.

To enter and complete the Scottish Six days , is perhaps the ultimate for some of the World’s top riders, but consider that Toni Bou, has never been entered ? the reason is that Honda don’t consider this event Important. !!

So while you get your head around that !! - - consider what the sport of Trials is all about. - It’s about family - it’s about having fun on the weekend - camp outs etc - all of these.

The smaller European Factories understand this - and cater to the market - the latest and most successful, being Jordi Tarres   and the very popular TRS line of bikes.  - Nobody that is familiar with the Trials World will ever forget the fantastic Jordi - he was and still is “The Man”

The TRS Trials bikes that we are now selling - are absolutely incredible - not just in design - but the way they are put together, - we have been in the business for a very long time, and have sold quite a few Spanish bikes - most of which left a bit to be desired. - The TRS is the best bike out of Spain to date - no question.


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