Wednesday April 10th 2019

This old pic of Malcolm Rathmell on the Factory Montesa, shows perfect style for making a turn - check it out.
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And this shows the old guy taking yet another break while out riding with John Baxter a few years ago . The bike -as usual, is a Beta Evo 200.  - This is overlooking Lake Okanagan just South of the Predator Ridge Golf Course.

John & myself had a couple of good days riding this area - and also at Summerland, but we haven’t seen him out on his Gasser for quite a while - he tends to ride his Enduro bike much of the time. Note : Just found out he sold the Gasser & only has one of them orange things !!
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I doubt many people remember this Norton “Kneeler” which was raced by Aussie Ray Am back in the day - He was later killed testing a Suzuki - This pic shows Sammy Miller trying it for size at his wonderful museum in the UK.
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FOR SALE. - 2014 Beta Evo 300 Factory  $5.300- Dean at Sorrento

- 2014 Beta Evo 200 - $5.300 - Colten - Scotch Creek

Call me for further details  as these bikes will likely be snapped up quickly.. -

Remember when Moto X was called “Scrambling” ?  - This was back in my day growing up in the UK - The courses were more open with no huge jumps like today, but then again the bikes only had about 4″ of  suspension travel  and liked to swap ends at high speed - very exciting & called “Tank-slappers”  - The spectators often watched from the surrounding fields-   - One of the most Famous tracks, - “Hawkstone Park” in Shropshire was the first big event that I attended back in 1955, and is still in use today. - It has also been used for at least a couple of World Round Trials ( we were at the 2005 event)
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So Monday - I had a visit to the dentist for him to check on the screw up he made last November plus get an estimate on filling in the gaps in my front teeth - no wonder these guys live in big houses & drive fancy cars  !!

Sorry people You are just going to have to get used to looking at me with a “Hockey Player”  mouth, because at my age I can’t see paying out this kind of money.

Funny comment he made was ” Of course in the long term” - I said - Buddy I’m coming up 82 - there isn’t any “Long term”  - Good guy - and I will go back if I have problems as he did help me out at a time when I had really bad toothache.

Talking about  Dentists - does anybody remember Neil Manderville ?  - Neil was a pretty good Trials rider out of Summerland and along with his buddy Ted Pepperdine, introduced me to the riding area we used for the Outlaw Trial for many, many years. -That was back in 1987 -  Well Neil and myself had a bit of a deal going, he would fix my teeth cheap, and I would give him a super discount on his Trials bikes.  Sadly Niel dropped dead of a heart attack a few years back, so now you know the “Rest of the Story”


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