Friday April 12th 2019

Does anybody recognize this Trials rider? not usually seen on a Bultaco
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Interestingly enough - the original Bultaco used by Sammy Miller to develop the Trials bike that changed the sport forever, is now up for sale — no price has been listed.  - Notice the unusual cylinder head as seen also in the top pic - and yes that is Mick Andrews.
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Here is a pic of Jordan Szoke on the TRS at last Sunday’s Ontario Trial  - He finished 2nd Expert behind Beta rider Jon English - Jordan of course spends most of his summer racing Super bikes and is a Multi time Canadian Champ.

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This was just posted on FB and is a bit of a shocker - I happen to know  Dave French and called on him when I   was on the road selling Opti and other stuff - He is a really good guy who promotes the sport, and to have this shit come down the pipe - is hard to swallow. - I have never met any organizer of an Off Road event - that did not try their best to follow guide lines on running events on Crown Land. - I feel this to be a vindictive   act by someone  involved in either the Political or Environmental  department to ban off road motorcycle events on Crown land. Everybody who has been reading the reports, knows that it’s money from the US Environmental groups  - that are trying to take over land use in Canada -   I SAY THAT IS WRONG  -  Hopefully, there will soon be a new Government in Alberta who will change this biased way of trying to control land use.

They are using scare tactics to stop all off road use. - Hey Wake up Manufacturers - who is going to buy your bikes, quads, side by sides,  when Governments controlled by a foreign Environmental  organization -  dictate land use? - Good luck to all the dealers who have been trying to make a living selling Off Road bikes - a few already shutting down in Alberta, -

Many years ago - I made the statement that ” The Dirt biker’s would never complain - until the gates went up to their favorite riding area”

Believe it >>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is the post on the case >>
The Brooks Motocross Club and a member of its executive have each been found guilty of contravening the Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act, and face thousands of dollars in fines.

In his decision given Dec. 17, 2018, Judge Jerry LeGrandeur said the club and David Allen French contravened the acts by allowing motocross bikes to race through streams containing sensitive fish habitat, killing a number of bull trout, as well as west slope cutthroat trout, which are designated a threatened species.

“It is clear that, but for the race and the failure of Brooks Motocross Club to prevent or adequately mitigate the effects of the stream crossings, both species of fish died,” LeGrandeur said in his decision.

During a sentencing hearing Tuesday in Lethbridge provincial court, the Crown recommended fining the club a total of $70,000 – $35,000 under each act – and fining French $20,000 under each act. Defence for French suggested a range of $5,000 to $10,000 for each count, while defence for the club recommended the minimum fine under the Fisheries Act of $25,000 and $5,000 under SARA.

The Crown also recommended prohibiting French and the club from organizing motocross races in Alberta that include water crossings, and suggested the club should publish an article in an approved media describing the offence and the importance of not disturbing fish habitat.

Defence for both clients, on the other hand, opposed the ancillary orders and said ordering the club to publish an article is malicious and paramount to public humiliation.

The two charges stem from a motocross race at Racehorse Creek in the Crowsnest Pass, Aug. 30, 2014. The Crown said during trial last spring the race crossed north and south Racehorse Creek at a number of locations, and although French, who was charged as a party to the offences, said he built bridges in 2014, Crown witnesses who took photos of the race testified there was only one permanent bridge.

Defence for the club asserted there was no evidence to connect the club to the offences beyond a reasonable doubt, or that fish were actually harmed or harassed by the racers, especially since there were non-racers had also used the course. Defence also asserted if the club did commit the act as charged, it was operating under the assumption it was authorized to run the race and was in compliance with government requirements at the crossings.

French’s lawyer asserted his client, who was club vice-president at the time, was operating under the mistaken belief that another individual had obtained temporary authorization and the race was being conducted in accordance with that authorization, so he exercised due diligence and should not be liable.

Defence also said French was not an organizer of the event and didn’t contribute to the perpetuation of the race other than in a peripheral way. However, LeGrandeur noted there is evidence of racers crossing the creeks several times, and a video shows French giving race instructions to the participants.

LeGrandeur didn’t sentence French or the club Tuesday, but adjourned the matter to April 26 when a date for sentencing will likely be set


Then again - there is the good news !! - Yes there are a number of places that we can ride in the OK - Although with the latest developments — I’m reluctant  to say where - who knows the  fish cops might be checking my site. - One thing for sure, they will be out in force on the Easter weekend checking for registration papers ( yes you need to carry them with you)  -Insurance and spark arrestors.
But you can always email or   call me - 250 545-6139 - Although my years may be numbered,  I want to ride all the time.


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