Wednesday May 22nd 2019

Looking back at the Weekend event at Scotch Creek - a few pics - lots more have been posted on FB and videos. This one is of Cross Country Racer from the 70’s Walter Cukavac trying out my Fantic, which he later bought, when his Bultaco had an issue. Walter did very well in his first ever Trial, smiling all the time. He also rode the harder line in some sections on Monday. He has quite a lot of Vintage bikes at his home near Spruce Grove AB, and I think it’s safe to say he is hooked on our sport, liking the family scene, with everybody helping each other out when needed.
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You have to love the guys who do something like this then jump up and shout “Did you get that Dave?”
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We have a lot of very enthusiastic people who come to our events, none more than Dennis Brumwell from Yellowknife NWT (below) - that is a very long drive. - Krash also put some hours behind the wheel to get to the Trial -. a big thanks to everybody who made the effort to attend.  The ATRA lads - Harold, Ben, Wyatt, Taff - Steve Mills -Richard Oullete -  Sam from Golden - Chris and Leigh from Revvy - The lads from Nelson - and of course the big entry from the Vancouver area - not forgetting our local riders including the ladies…
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This is a pic I took of Walter on section #5 - a fraction of a second later, the bars moved forward when he landed off the rock, but he managed to hold on and get out with a “clean”
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While the top riders  are brilliant to watch, we have to commend some of the newbies who are just getting into the sport - the young kids like Jeremy Bonnefoy on the little Oset, who managed to make it all the way up the Mountain, and Christian Zander - who did so well in the Junior class, and we mustn’t forget the ladies -  Starla, Dominique and Brittany,  they cope very well and always have a smile. ( Starla is amazing on that little 125cc Gasser)
Of course none of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for Ross and his crew, who spent hours and hours on both plotting the loop and cutting in some new sections, it’s not easy to figure out five different lines through the same section ( believe me I know) - It’s also important to make sure these lines are not dangerous.  -

The modern bikes and rider techniques at the Expert level are incredible, to watch, but we have to remember that WTC Trials  are designed for club level ability - not for Super Stars. - One of my favorite sayings is that ” I spent over 40 years putting on Trials - and one day I hoped to get it right” -

The fact is, nobody ever gets everything “Perfect”  or 100%. - Organizers, have to not only plot the course and sections - they have to look at the weather forecast - a section that is OK in the dry can be impossible with a down pour.

When I was younger, and able to do this - I would sometimes change a section 2 or 3 times, before the day of the event after thinking about who might be coming. ( You never know who is going to turn up)
The bottom line is that it takes a lot of experience to put on a Trials event year after year and still have the passion to do it.  - Sometimes a comment by a rider who has had a bad day for whatever reason, -and goes on a rant - might be enough to cause an organizer to say “no more”.  ( it has happened)
Everybody who hosts Trials events for the WTC, is a Volunteer, nobody gets paid, and if there is any money left over from entry fees, it either goes to charity or supplies.

Again Thanks to all who attended our Annual May long weekend event - the next WTC/Outlaw Series Trial is in Rocky Mountain House, run by the ATRA on August 3/4th - This is also on Private land, we are so fortunate to have people willing to help our sport.

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