Thursday May 23rd 2019

After the big event on the long weekend, we are still catching up both on emails and other business - without a doubt it was an outstanding three day “Bonanza”  - all thanks to Ross and his crew plus of course the ladies that do such a fantastic job of the score keeping - Julie and Judy are now experts at running this side of the Trial - and I’m not sure if everybody really understands just how much work and dedication it takes to do this year after year. - In my opinion they are World Class. ( not like when I used to fumble along doing it all)

I mentioned yesterday, that everybody that puts on WTC Trials is a volunteer   - nobody gets paid - we all do this “For love of the Sport”  many years ago the great Mike Hailwood had this lettering on the fairing of all his road racing bikes in French - Ecurie-Sportive ( at least I think that is close to the translation) -

While there is money for a few at the top of the World Trials table - our sport is still a hobby for most..

In the UK and also in the USA, many top Trials riders have jumped ship to take on Extreme Enduro, where there is a chance they can make some money. -

The first guy to do this was Graham Jarvis ( I saw him ride his first Scottish back in 1992) Graham is now a legend - as is Taddy Blazuek another World Trials rider - then there is David Knight and Cody Webb etc - the bottom line is that Trials technique teaches how to ride these tough Enduro Events.

As a few of you readers know, I was involved in the Cross Country Racing Scene - The early years in Alberta were brutal - bad flagging and injuries became a norm.    - But even then - Trials ability helped.


As we head into another weekend, I’m guessing that our Scotch Creek organizers will be taking a well earned rest, although I know that Ross is already making plans for next year, when we may have even more land at our disposal. Thanks to everybody that helped with the clean up out on the loop, the nice thing about Trials tires is that they leave little trace after an event, plus the camp area was left in a pristine condition, all very important as we look to the future.  ( It was great to have the camp area pretty much “Bug-Free”)

A reminder that if anybody is looking for a new bike - we still have a brand new 2019 Beta Evo 300 in the shop ( it hasn’t even been set up yet)  plus we have both a TRS 125 and a Beta Evo 125 for sale - we had these out last weekend on display.


Glad to hear that some of the forest fire areas are getting some rain - Yesterday I chatted to our Beta Importer in New Brunswick who told us that the early season riding hs been a disaster, with most events cancelled because of heavy rain and flooding .


Next Big Trial on the Western Calendar, is the Super Stars at Ioco next month - not sure if I will attend this, as driving long distances at my age, by myself, is getting to be a bit of a chore. However, Christy and her gang always do a great job on this event. - Not forgetting that the Squamish club have an event on this weekend as well ( just saw the poster on FB)

The World of Motor Racing lost a great man this week , with the passing of F1 legend Niki Lauda at age 70. - He cheated death on more than one occasion  - most notably when he got burned very badly, but still came back to win the World Championship.

Also Piwee Gleason died this week ( no details) he was the guy who broke the drag racing record on a Yamaha V Max back in the day.

On the World Trials scene - Round #1 takes place this weekend in Italy, when Jamie   Busto will make his debut on the Vertigo.


British Enduro Super Star Steve Holcombe has just signed another Two Year Contract with Beta.

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