Thursday May 30th 2019

Here is the report on last Sunday’s Trial at Squamish - Sounds like there were quite a few DNF’s because of the heat., etc - but a good rider turnout. - click onto Trials Canada or the CPTA site for full results.
Honda Centre Trial at Squamish, BC on Sunday, May 26
Sean Bird takes Expert win

Story from Don Doerksen

After a couple of rainy days, May 26, 2019 dawned sunny and warm, as 49 riders showed up in Squamish, BC for the Honda Centre Trial. The ground was just damp enough to keep down the dust and conditions were great. It was either the sunshine or the locale that brought some of the local riders out to try something different than their usual trail riding.

The warm conditions were a bit of a surprise and a number of riders failed to finish because of fatigue related to the heat. Those that soldiered on found an interesting and challenging trial that seemed to be just right for section difficulty. Some of the downhills on the trail could have had signs for a mandatory brake check, though! The views were worth the drive - but what goes up must come down…

Sean Bird won the Expert class, while a few of the other experts DNF’ed.- Brian McNeal just squeaked the Advanced class on cleans, and Ted McDowall just flat forgot to put his feet down in Senior Advanced.- Jake Loebe took only eleven points from thirty sections in Intermdiate, and Bob Clark just bettered that with ten points in Senior Intermediate.- Sportsman went to Erin Evans, as her scores got better each loop.- Pat Argue was the sole Junior rider.

Thanks to the members of the 99 Trials Club who organized this great event, and thanks to the Honda Centre for their sponsorship.


Well! - it was sure a “Cooker” in the Valley yesterday - I did a quick trip into Kelowna to drop off stuff, and sure glad for the air conditioning in the old van.  Of course while warm weather is nice, especially for the Tourists - it is always a bit of a worry these days because of the Forest Fire situation, so please be careful if you are out in the woods. The CO’s are checking for spark arrestors, so make sure you have one fitted - ( We sell them for Beta and TRS) - Not that we have ever heard of a fire being started by a Motorcycle.


Next Sunday is the Vernon Off Road Club’s annual Kids day up on Vernon Mountain - ( Noble Canyon area) check out the club site for details - I’m betting that young Jeremy Bonnefoy will be Wowing ! the other kids on his little Osset, plus his mini gas powered bike .


In other news, the TT races are happening in the Isle of Man - a tradition on the first week of June since the early 1900’s. - They started on the Island, when racing on Public roads in England was banned.


More News as it happens

I Think the Erzberg Rodeo goes this weekend - and I believe Canadian rider Triston Hart is entered - - We wish him luck.


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