Friday May 31st 2019

Yes we have no Bananas !! - But we do have Betas for sale - You won’t find a better deal anywhere - Call us.
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This is Brad Smith from Kamloops - he took his first ride with us Thursday evening, since picking up this new  Outlaw 2018 Evo 300 -

Suffice to say, he had a ball - Yes a a long way to go on the Trials road  - but the smile says it all - Yup I think we have “Hooked” another one.
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I posted a couple of videos on FB that Brad took of me riding the TRRS 125 - the area is not easy, and the last time I was there, I failed miserably on the little bike, but after some tweeking by my ace mechanic - we managed it quite well. - Not that I’m a big wheelie guy at my age. - but I do find it satisfying  to show what a small capacity trials bike can do - and no we are not finished yet. - because we are having fun. - At this point the Beta 125 is the better bike with regards to torque  - easier for the novice rider. - But watch this space as we continue to work on the wee bikes. - Somebody once said that “You don’t need a big bike to win a Trial”  - I happen to believe that. ( and it’s lots of fun)

Last day of the month which seems to have come up pretty quick , and another warm one as we head into June - We don’t have anything on our calendar but the Vernon Club have a kids event happening this weekend - up in the Noble Canyon area, which always gets a good turn out of families. Turn left at Lavington & follow the signs.
The Joe Brown Trial goes Sunday over on the Island  - Joe was a great guy and Yamaha Dealer for many years, who died too young from Cancer.


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