Thursday June 6th 2019

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the “D DAY” landings in Normandy - in 1944. - The largest Armada ever in the History of Warfare . - It was an incredible organization of all Allied Forces that spelled the start of the end, of Nazi Domination in Europe. - There have been programs showing on TV from both sides of the English Channel, with World leaders attending, plus the last of the few - the veterans who were lucky enough to come back from the War.

I’m not   sure where my Dad was on that day - I only know he survived Dunkirk and later came home - So many untold stories from the past. - Dad never talked about it.
This is a pic of one of them - a 97 year Paratrooper  dropping onto the Normandy beaches 75 years after he did it for the first time. One can only imagine the emotions that all these brave men and Women felt at this time.

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On this day I’m not sure we should even mention Motorcycle sport - but we should remember that a lot of motorcycles were used in the Second World War - mostly dispatch riders   - skilled riders from before the war.

Just saw this so had to add.

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