Wednesday June 12th 2019

Today is our Grand daughter’s birthday, - So Happy 19th  Birthday Carly.  ( We have three Grand daughters Hannah 21, Carly, and Emma who goes to University in Halifax.)  Yes we are proud of them all.  ( Hannah wants me to teach her how to ride a Trials bike) - Our daughter Helen ( her Mum) rode a TY 175 very well back in the day.

Tuesday was another sort of Kick-back day !! seems to happen a lot as I get older. - We did have a visit from an old friend who used to own the  Honda shop in Salmon Arm - Freddy and myself always had a lot of laughs - he is Austrian, and flies an Ultra-lite - so I call him the “Red Baron” - Interestingly, he swears by Opti Oil - All his equipment went out with this when he had the Honda shop, and that is what he uses in his Ultra-Lite - Yes 100-1 mix - he has had zero issues with running this in the Rotax engine, for decades.

The other thing I did today, was service my Evo 200, which has been neglected lately, as I’ve been having so much fun on the 125 Beta and  125 TRS - The Beta Evo 200 has been my favorite bike since 2009, and while I have ridden lots of others - including the Beta Factory 300 - the Beta 300 4T - most of the TRS models, plus of course we sold Gas Gas and Sherco for many years.

Weather in the Valley is going to be HOT for the next couple of days.


No question Jordi’s Team TRS had a brilliant result in Japan  - here he is with some of the Team.
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As most people know -  we don’t stock Beta Enduro bikes - but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get you one if required - We did quite a lot of Cross Country racing,  in the 1970’s - and without a doubt, Beta is really on it these days, Beta Canada doing demos all across the Country.

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