Thursday June 20th 2019

Yesterday we posted a pic of Sammy after being presented with a Life Time achievement award for the preservation of old Motorcycles at his wonderful museum. - This shot shows him a couple of years ago test riding his 1938 AJS Supercharged road racer.  ( Anybody who thought exotic engineering started in Japan - think again - all they did was copy stuff)
I was lucky enough to see Sammy road racing in the Isle of Man in 1957  - he was leading the 250 race when the bike broke down about 1/2 mile from the finish line - he pushed in to get 4th.  He says in his book ( which I have) that the main reason he gave up road-racing, was because the Privateer, didn’t stand much of a chance against the Factory teams. -

He proved that in Trials anybody with a will to win and some engineering savvy, can be very successful.                ( Remember, he was the guy who designed the first really good lightweight Bultaco - which changed Trials forever) - That was when he got invited to visit this guy - Francisco Bulto in Spain, back in 1964 - And the rest is History.
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In another video Sammy just posted, it shows him testing one of the Gilera 4 cylinder racers from the late 50’s - I feel very fortunate to have seen and heard - a lot of these wonderful old bikes racing back in the day - when it was mainly a battle between the Manx Nortons and the Italian Factories.  ( Before the Japanese invasion)- -        MV Augustas - V8 Moto Guzzis - Mondials,- Patons - NSU -the list is endless. - and a host of other small European brands. - I was there in the Island when Bob Mac did the first 100mph lap and at Oulton Park when John Hartle     ( Who used to ride in our local Trials) and Geoff Duke gave the Gileras an outing.

My ambition was always to road race - I had a buddy who had a Ducati 125 that he let me ride and as these were doing really well at that time plus we had an excellent dealer only 30 miles down the road,  however this never worked out.
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I think the very good Trials rider, has a better “Feel” for the terrain under the tires, and this also works in road racing -  Although the way they slide the bikes these days is unbelievable, and the tires are huge compared to the early days.
Throttle control and “Feeling” for grip are essential  in both sports -

Here is the first pic of the 2020 TRS - Looks nice. - more details to follow
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