Saturday June 22nd 2019

Today is the Vernon Club’s big Half Throttle event up above Noble Canyon   - great for everybody - looks like we will have to miss it because of business - but I’m sure everybody will have fun - weather looks to be perfect.

After a very successful Trial and Training session in Scotland - it seems that Bernie Shchreiber will be coming to Canada to do a school in Ontario, He will teach both vintage and modern.   Not that this is the first time Bernie has put on Trials Schools - he did one back in the day at Panorama  BC - which was organized by Harlow Rankin. see info:

Bernard Schreiber

Yesterday at 3:08 AM

The next Schreiber Experience will be hosted in Ontario, Canada on July 27th. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills, lower your scores and witness an approach to coaching not seen in our sport. All level of riders and bikes are welcome. More information at:


Early today, we had Hugh stop by to pick up his Evo 200, which he has decided to keep ( smart decision) after which Max Lang and a buddy called - Max with his arm all wrapped up after surgery for a broken finger !!! ( out for 6 weeks) - then late afternoon Chris Hrabb paid a visit with all the news from fighting the Forest Fires up near High Level  - plus he told me that Terry Duflott has gouged his leg really bad when his boot slipped off the Vertigo kickstart. - Talk about the walking wounded !!.


Just saw that James Dabill  ( Beta) set fastest time in Qualifier #1 in the Netherlands.
More news as it happens >>

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