Monday June 24th 2019

Steve Holcombe took another win at the weekend on the Factory Beta - neat shot but don’t know who took it.
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Meanwhile Sammy was doing his stunt show in Moose Jaw - scary stuff - but he does come from “Down under”

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It was another weekend of no riding for us - Hopefully manage to get out in the week sometime. - watched the Women’s World Football game between Brazil and France - 24,000 fans all singing the French National Anthem  - they took a narrow victory and are through into the next round. - Canada play the Netherlands today.


We had a big rain storm yesterday afternoon - when we lived in Wales, we got tired of all the rain, now because of the Forest Fire hazard, we love it.


Max stopped by with some fresh veggie from his garden - turns out he was hiking when he fell and broke his hand - not on the bike !!!


I’ve checked out some of the video from both the World Trial in the Netherlands, and the Extreme Enduro from Spain ( won by Graeme Jarvis)  - My thoughts are as follows. -

Although the Dutch did a great job with the Trial, - because they have no hills, they have to build everything -and  this became an Arena Trial.  - So not really what could be termed on a par with other outdoor locations  for a World Round.. ( All very clever - but boring in my book)

Interestingly they had an Electric Class with 5 riders, won by Albert Cabestany ( yes 5 riders)
In comparison - the Spanish Enduro had places that resembled Trials sections, with top riders ending up with bikes drowned out in water, or thrown off the top of steep hill climbs.  As one  European person wrote ” Why do we now have Enduro that is like Trial and Trial like Circus?”  Very strange.

Of course looking back at Alberta Cross Country races from the 70’s - it was common to have deep River Crossings - big hills and muskeg bogs etc,  which killed off most of the entry,  and that is why,  later these  races became multi lap Hare Scrambles. -

What I do know, is that modern bikes cost a lot of money, and anytime an organizer puts on a Super tough event - entrees are way down the following year.


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